Questions, Questions, Questions…

So when is it too early for a writer to think about who would be perfect in the roles of their various characters? Is it too early for me to ponder which actress would be the ‘perfect’ Amanda? Or the ‘perfect’ Juanita? And so on? How about Matt? Or any of the others?

Truthfully, I haven’t really pondered the older characters. Just the younger. And Juanita would have to be auditioned for. And the actress’s personality would have to be closest to the character’s. So, she would be tough to cast. And I am woefully ignorant of some of the current actresses.

I do know that this would not be the typical Hollywood fare. After all, it is about a bi-racial family. And that family isn’t just bonded by blood. T-Bone is not related to Matt, but is considered family. Lil’s only connection was through her idiot brother. And ex-in laws are still considered as much a part of the family as they had been when their daughter was alive.

All in all, it is a very complex story. For a reason. The relationship between Matt and Ty is patterned off the relationship I had with a dear friend of mine when we were still teens. He was like a brother to me. I actually had a crush on his sister, too. Strangely enough, I felt as if his mom was always flirting with me, which I didn’t mind…even though it felt kind of odd. (Howie, I hope you are happy and successful.)

Anyway, I am getting away from the purpose of this post. Back to the matter at hand. Who to play specific roles in this story.

I tend to have trouble sleeping, so I play mental games with myself. Mostly, I ponder who would be perfect as what character. Currently, the jury is still out where Matt is concerned. But Amanda…I have two possible choices. Milla Jovovich and Kate Beckinsale. Of course, I can see whichever one didn’t get the part playing Egypt as well…so it would be interesting. I could see, possibly, Emma Watson playing either Sandra…or the soon-to-be-introduced British daughter, still to be named.

Tariq is another story. There are plenty of hungry young actors who could play him. The same goes for Tawny and Lynne. It would all come down to attitude and heart.

Who would you like to see in what role if this were to ever be made into a movie? Any suggestions?


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    1. yes. I never thought of her. Used to have a crush on her when I was a teenager. but which “young” character? one of Matt’s older children? or one of Matt’s younger siblings? (I vote for Marnie or Lady Jane)

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