About Title Choices….

If you haven’t noticed, only Chapter one was labeled “Part One”. That was just to start everything off. I wanted all to know that from that point until chapter twenty, it was going to be March.

Part Two is April. Part Three is May, and Part Four is June…which ends with the wedding. Each part is to be at least twenty chapters long. Even June, because I have to lead into, and follow through with, the wedding.

Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, but this will probably be the only book that focuses solely on the love relationship of Matt and Amanda. Don’t worry, I am not going to separate them. I am just not going to focus on their marriage as much or the intimate. Though, like all “normal” relationships, it will grow and get stronger, the main focus of the remaining books will be life and all that it has to offer our intrepid pair. And all Matt’s children. There will be other marriages. Other changes in life. Grand children.

There isn’t going to be very much sorrow for a while, so rest easy. And enjoy.

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