The Story Continues…

You might have noticed that I have divided the book into parts. In essence, I have split it between the months it covers. From March to June, culminating in their marriage. I figured that I ought to do it this way so that spring was a tad shorter and summer, the metaphor for all that is fun and peaceful in life-fulfilling-will be covered in the book after. I will return to the memory-lane style of Winter as well. In other words, in Summer and Autumn, I will write as if they are looking back at their lives together in some chapters, and then their present tense in other chapters. Seasons will be like Whispers, since it brings an end to the story.

Unlike the first book, I am going to take my time on this one. Over the next few months, I will write a chapter a night, until I reach the end…somewhere around June. Now. I pose the final question, though. Should I write the full back story?