No More For Tonight…

My Eyes are trying to close on me. I am just about done with the book, though. Got quite a bit done. More than I have planned, less than I wanted. But the sandman is kicking me in the head, so I am going to close for the night.

I have two more chapters of Matt’s past to write. Both are his descent to the very bottom…where we found him at the beginning of the book. Add to this at least six more ‘here and now’ chapters, and I still have a small chunk to finish.

To ease fears, Amanda and Matt are going to get married. I am just not sure yet whether it will be in this book or the next. And, yes, I have decided on a sequel. I just don’t have a Title picked out yet.

I still have to bring in the rest of his other children. The ones from his wild and free days. And I still have to reveal if Juanita left any other artwork. Right now, I have Matt getting back up to speed as an executive and his new relationship growing stronger by the night.

I am reluctant to get too erotic, even though it would add realism to some night scenes. But I don’t want to delve too deeply. What do you think? Should I? Or no?

Until tomorrow, good night and sweet dreams.


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