Long Cold Winter: Chapter Thirty-Nine

Matt awoke unexpectedly. A dream about Sol’s graduation was no nightmare. That had been a happy day. He looked at the clock. Midnight.

He rolled over and put his arm around Amanda. She stirred. “Matt? You OK?”

He smiled. “I’m fine,” he whispered, “Go back to sleep.”

She rolled over and smiled groggily. “Now, you ought to know better than that, Mister. Only two things can put me back to sleep. One, we have already enjoyed. The other is a snack.” She rolled on top of him, her lips mere inches from his own.

He chuckled. “You want to Make a trek down to the kitchen? Or do you want me to bring it up to you?”

She nibbled at his lips, then kissed him. “I think I will make you serve me this time. I don’t want to get out of bed. But, then, I don’t want to get off of you either.”

He kissed her back. Passionately. “Well, for me to get you a snack, my little temptress, you are going to have to let me up.”

She pushed her lips out in a pout. “Oh, alright.” She rolled off him, her nearly fully exposed body making im want her.

He rose from the bed and put a robe on. “What’s your desire?”

She smiled seductively. “You are.”

He smiled. “I mean as a snack.”

She looked at him thoughtfully. “You wouldn’t have any of that decadent vanilla-mint ice cream left, would you?”

He gave her a thoughtful look. “Maybe. Would you want the same as we had last night?”

She stretched. “Sounds delicious.”

He bent over her and kissed her. “Then another round of Vanilla-mint ice cream with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and chocolate syrup it is. With a chaser of milk.”

She giggled. “Spoken like a true hero.”

He posed like he was holding a sword. “And don’t you forget it. I fight dragons, ogres, and all sorts of monsters. Just call me Prince Charming.”

She giggled some more and he left the room. Moments later, he returned with two bed-trays–one beneath the other. Both bowls and glasses were stacked on the top tray. She looked at him. “So does this mean I can get breakfast in bed?”

He placed her bowl and glass on a tray and placed it in front of her, bending close to kiss her lips. He smiled. “Of course. But only when you’re not expecting it.”

She smiled back. “Oh, God. You’re going to spoil me.”

He straightened up with an air of flamboyance. “Of course, and God has nothing to do with it.”

She patted the bed. “Oh, but he does. He made you, didn’t he? And you have to be sent from heaven, because you are such an angel.”

He sat down and put his own tray on his lap. “I could say the same about you, My Love.”

She giggled. “I’m sure you can.”

They ate their snacks in silence, relishing the simpleness of the ice cream and the richness of the chocolate. She had removed the cookie garnish and set them aside. He followed her lead. God! She was amazing!

He could have sat there and just watched her as she ate her ice cream. She was such a vision of beauty. So elegant. So regal.

But he finished his ice cream. Couldn’t allow it to melt. Besides. He could watch her any time he wanted.

And why not? She owned his heart. And he had the key to hers. He smiled.

He watched her take her glass and cookies in hand, after she finished her ice cream. Like a child, she began ceremoniously dunking them into the milk. After each time, she nibbled a piece off the cookie, then dunked again. When she had finished, she drank the milk.

She looked over at him. “You know that we’re going to have to do something to burn off the calories now, don’t you?”

He gave her a look of innocence. “Really?” He knew what she was alluding to, but played dumb. “Like what?”

She winked and smiled at him. “You just take those trays and dishes back to the kitchen and when you get back, you can chase me around the bedroom.”

He winked back. “Rowr, rowr.”

She giggled and kissed him. He rose and gathered everything together and disappeared back to the kitchen. A few minutes later, he returned. In his hand was a single rose.

He looked at her. “Now. Where were we?” He stuck the rose in his mouth and held it with his teeth. “Ah, yes. Milady said something about wanting to tango. Shall we?”

She rose and put her robe on. “Oh, you naughty, naughty boy. Whatever am I going to do with you?”

He took her in his arms and began kissing her, working his way down her body. Her robe fell from her body and she sighed as he worked his magic. The second half of their night had suddenly begun.

She shivered. He could drive her wild with just a touch. A kiss. But what effect did she have on him?

An hour later, they lay completely spent. He kissed her one more time before fading into a deep sleep. She listened to the rhythm of his heart beat for what seemed to be an hour before darkness took her as well. God, she loved this man!

Matt found himself in a dream once again. This time, it was not a memory. This time, he was with Amanda. They were with their children at the beach. He smiled in his sleep. How wonderful that would be.

He couldn’t wait to do the things he once did. The walks. The trips to the beach. The family vacations.

And he did it all in his dreams. He wandered through a dreamscape filled with all the things he wanted to do. Everything he felt necessary to show his love and appreciation for both her and to their future children. And he knew he was ready to be a father once again.


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