As We Draw Near To the End…

We’re closing in on the end of Long Cold Winter. I have three more important events to mark in Matt’s past, and then we remain in the future. I do have a dilemma, though. I hate leaving open ended stories, and this is going to be left wide open.

My problem is this. Even though I never intended there to be more than one book to this story, I find that there can possibly be at least two. The other, though, will be all present tense…if it is written. This is simply because I have already covered all of his history. there is no more past to cover. Only the ‘here and now’. At least after this book, anyway.

My question is this: Would you,like to see where Matt and Amanda’s life together takes them? If so, I need to begin the planning stage. I will also need to figure out exactly how long of a set I really want to make. Should I wait a while, then do another “recap” style story? Or should I just do a year by year?


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