Long Cold Winter: Chapter Twenty-Eight

Morning came quickly. Matt opened his eyes to find Amanda still asleep next to him. Pulling himself up into a sitting position, He sat there and watched her. Lord, she was beautiful!

He knew now that last night had not been a dream. Every bit of it had been real. He felt almost as if he had died and gone to heaven. And he didn’t want it to end.

He hadn’t felt this way for quite a while. It was a wonderful feeling. Now he had a reason to quit drinking. Hell. She was enough of a reason to stop smoking as well.

He could see raising another family with her. Making a whole new life. Perhaps they could start a new business together. Help aspiring musicians hone their skills and learn the business without all the suddenness that first-timers usually experienced when they first found fame.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at him. She smiled sleepily and took his hand. “How did you sleep?” her grogginess was still evident.

He smiled back at her. “Better than I have in years. You?”

She yawned. “Like a baby.” She pulled herself into a sitting position and leaned on his shoulder. “I don’t want this to end.”

He raised her chin and kissed her lips. A full, passionate, lingering kiss. “It doesn’t have to. I don’t want it to end either. I want this more than anything. I haven’t felt this way for a long time.”

She smiled at him. “I have never felt like this. ever. I have never been in love. Not like this. I had my share of crushes, mind you, but nothing this special. This good.”

He brushed her hair back away from her face. “You are like a breath of spring chasing away the last frost of winter with its warm breezes and sunshine. You have returned life to my lifeless world.”

His words took her breath away. She had reawakened the poet and the romantic. He knew just how to leave her wordless. She snuggled into him as they sat in the bed.

After a few minutes she whispered softly. “I love you.”

He wrapped his arms around her. “I love you too, Amanda.”

Egypt was already in the kitchen when they appeared together. She had their breakfast ready and waiting for them. The coffee was already poured and the scrambled eggs plated with the hash browns. She smiled at them knowingly. Good morning, you two. Did you have a good night?”

They both nodded. Matt looked at his daughter. “I need to talk to you some time today.”

She nodded. “Alright. But don’t forget that Tawny and Lynne are coming home for spring break today. Dell isn’t, though, He is going to Miami to do a modeling job.”

He smiled. “And thank you for bringing this angel into my life. She is just what I have needed in my life.”

She sighed in relief. She had thought he was going to chide her for trying to set him up. “You’re welcome, Pops. Both of you needed this.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the doorbell. Matt turned and headed toward the foyer. Amanda watched him go lovingly. Egypt smiled at her inability to show her feelings.

Matt approached the door with a little trepidation. He was not expecting any company, and most of those who usually dropped by simply entered without ringing or knocking. After all, nearly everyone who came around were either family by blood or considered family. Only fans, delivery personnel, or door-to-door salesmen rang. And it had been years since a delivery had been made, and salesmen avoided him like the plague since he threatened one in a drunken rage.

He opened the door. “I am not signing autographs today, sorry.” He was about to say more, but he stopped when he looked at the young lady standing in front of him. She looked vaguely familiar, but seemed too young to be anyone he knew.

She smiled nervously. “I-I am not here for an autograph or anything like that. Y-you are Matt Morrow, aren’t you?”

He smiled a crooked smile. “Last time I checked I was.”

She looked down as she searched for something in her haversack. “My mom was a fan of yours. I think the term is ‘groupie’. She–”

He looked at her. “What is her name?”

He saw a hint of a tear in her eye when she looked up to reply. “Her name was Sheri Ellis. She died a couple weeks ago. I came to search you out. She told me that you were my father. Mom never married. She always said that she would never find a man quite as amazing as you.” She found what she was looking for and pulled her birth certificate from her bag. She handed it to him.

1988. He now remembered Sheri. She had been a beautiful young woman. It had been the last years of the sexual aspects of the groupie packs. Not that groupies didn’t still have sex with stars, but the popularity of being rock star sluts-as many came to call it-had become almost nonexistent. Sheri had almost won his heart. But he had been more guarded back then. Perhaps it had been for the best.

Still, it was nice to know that he had mattered in someone’s life. Looking at the date, he noticed that this young lady had been born exactly nine months after his path had crossed with her mother’s. There was no doubt. She had to be his.

He waved her in. “Come in.”

She entered the house. “I wouldn’t have come looking, except…I have nowhere to go. Mom’s parents disowned her when she got pregnant. She stopped talking to them and I have never known them. She had enough to pay for the funeral and the burial, but that was it. And since I could no longer pay rent, I decided to move west and seek my fortune as an actress.”

He smiled. “Your aunt can help you there. She can help you avoid the bad seed in the industry.” He hugged her. “Welcome home.”


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