Good Night

Ok, I have reached the end of my tether for the night. I had to do my paperwork for work this afternoon before getting online to wrap up for the night. I also started formatting the ghosting project I am doing, so that took a bit of time. after getting bawled out (reminded…well, actually told for the first time. another reason I am beginning to dislike this job, lack of communication) for taking a couple clients to things they needed to go to, finishing paperwork I should have had started and near completion but did not get enough time to see it done, and finally getting somewhere on other things…I was finally able to return to the story.

OK. So now I feel tired, irritable, and less than happy with life. No, I am not going to take it out on my characters. What I have planned, I had planned a long time before this afternoon. And, yes. I will have to kill off a character.

Matt has to be alone in the present, but I am not wanting to have him get another divorce. With that said, I know I have to remove Juanita from the picture to resolve the part where he is alone. I have to give him an excuse to feel hurt, alone, unwanted, cheated and basically sorry for himself enough to where he sinks back into drinking so that the beginning of this story (or all of the “here and now” parts of the story) make sense.

But how do I do that? And when? I have decided to give then a good decade, maybe longer, together. But I am not sure how to end it yet, or exactly what year.

I know that some don’t want Juanita to go. But she has to in order for Matt and Amanda to be able to be an item. With my last chapter, I have made a point to show that Matt doesn’t drink when he is happy. He only drinks when he is miserable. And alone.

Oh, yes. And I still have to bring his youngest children back home…and introduce his ‘other’ children. Are we ready for the future to become the present? (Or the present to return, however you want to look at it). Next stop: 2015. Matt and Amanda. And whoever else decides to crawl out of the woodwork.


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