A Small Question…

This is totally unrelated to the story, but how do you close comments for past (and by past, I means something from way back…like November) posts? I need to close comments on one that keeps getting junk remarks.


5 thoughts on “A Small Question…

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve resolved the problem, but I think that a good idea would be to set your discussion settings so that the user has to be logged in to comment and not just some random browser. The other thing is to use quick edit at the post, from wp admin from the posts sidebar. What Deborah said, just now. Or, set your junk filter settings to strict and add all the nouns and adjectives used in the email so that it will get trashed the moment it comes in. Since I couldn’t bite his head off, I set strict settings for the spam filter. I think that’s under your general settings. Has this helped?

  2. I closed all comments for posts older than thirty days. Those were the posts getting all the spam. People, as far as I know, can still like them, just not comment. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction on that .

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