To Be Continued…

When I return from my little piece of hell on earth (known better as Double Run Tuesday), I will pick up the story Of Matt where I left off. Am thinking of possibly adding an extra chapter of present day happenings before going through the 90s, but am not sure. I still have to intro his long lost son from his first marriage and make other progeny appear out of the woodwork, not that they want much from him…but I want to keep it interesting. By the time the story is over, I want his whole family present and accounted for in some way.

At the moment, though, I am on my way out the door to start my lackluster day as “volunteer” cabbie. Don’t anyone lie to you, driving for a living is very stressful and very much a hard day’s work, even if you aren’t paid what you’re worth. While I am gone, I intend to work on an assignment and get it finished so I can move on to a paying assignment from the same editor. Got to bring in a little extra somehow.

Until I get back, Here’s to Matt and his family.


3 thoughts on “To Be Continued…

      1. I hope I didn’t send anyone scurrying for shelter with this question. I simply wanted to hear from those enjoying the story. I went ahead and put two more chapters of present day happenings in and intro’d both his son and his daughter…well, one of his daughters. I may have more surprises in store later. I won’t be bringing his distant (as in working out of state) children into the book. I have sent his eldest on a teaching mission to Japan. I am possibly going to have some of his illegitimate children appear, but not sure. After all, this is about his life and everything he has done.

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