Back To Reality…

Let’s recap the story, shall we? So far, we have traveled through the last of the sixties, all of the seventies…and now, all of the eighties. We have seen our intrepid protagonist grow up, save his siblings and go through a long list of relationships, both meaningful and passing fancies. We have seen him go on a guilt trip after the passing of his mother, raise both his siblings and his own children (sans one), spiral down into alcoholism and then drug use, and decide to give up touring. He has sought out and reconciled with his grandparents, survived Reagan’s two terms, and come out almost completely intact.

Along the way, we have learned a lot about his family. All all the oldest are in entertainment. One sister is gay, another is in an interracial relationship. One outlived an abusive husband, and a brother had been a politician.

I hope that I haven’t bored you along the way. Or offended you in some way. I am trying to paint a picture of my character for you through how he thinks and what he has gone through. Since I have finished with the journey through the eighties, I will be returning-once again-to the present.


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