And Now, For A Word From Our Sponsor….

I had to look up the Thai dishes. And for those who have never had it, Basmati rice is both aromatic and extremely delicious. Even by itself. I know. I eat it quite often.

I like wild rice, brown rice and long grain rice (looks a lot like regular brown rice, but just a tad longer) as well. I even eat lentils and split peas. Shoot. I make my own ham and beans and chili.

Of course, when I was a child, I would stand in the kitchen and watch my mother cook. And for about four years, I learned even more by working in a few restaurants. In recent years, I have found that eating healthier is a lot cheaper, when it comes to doctor visits, than wanting to eat at Hardee’s, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Big Boy’s, King’s or any number of other fast food chains. Or even at some of the restaurants I worked at. If I do eat at a fast food place, I prefer a good roast beef sandwich to a burger.

But I included the “fast food” points because I am trying to capture how Matt thinks. He isn’t big on being out in public. Nor is he big on being a hermit. He is lonely, angry, in pain, and not able to understand why his kids have nothing to do with him. But not for long.

Things are about to change. He is about to get some really big surprises. Pleasant surprises. I hope you like where this is all going, ’cause it’s about to get a whole lot wilder.

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