No Lyrics Tonight

That last chapter was over 2,000 words. It just pushed my manuscript over 7000 and I haven’t even begun chapter 7! I had a long day, so there is no lyrics tonight. I will post two sets tomorrow, since i have the day off.

This last chapter includes a lot of music history and the character’s own musings on politics and past presidents. As well as religion in general. There is a little bit of other history included as well, but it is as a backdrop for why our protagonist has the philosophy he does.

You might notice that He ponders current affairs and the inability of some “legends” where keeping their mouths shut and respecting those who gave them their craft is concerned.

Matt, unlike some of his contemporaries, isn’t vocal on his views. He doesn’t want to “stir the pot” so to speak. He feels that he has done enough wrong in his life that he has no right to sit in judgment of anyone else.

Anyway, when next we return to the story, we will be in the year 1972. As you already know, he has once again fallen to sleep, so he is now going back into his past through dream and reliving each year that was of significance.