A Side Note…

If you have revisited the previous chapter, you might notice that I have deleted a single sentence out. Why? because it was misinformation. I placed an event after its original date. That made me like wikipedia. Inaccurate. The Summer Of Love was 1967, in San Francisco (Haight/Astbury), not Woodstock…or even Monterey, as Wiki had it. A fellow author and dear friend of mine corrected my mistake.

I admit that I did not live through those tempestuous times. And so, I rely on research, sometimes of faulty sources, to gain my information. Also, anyone who is going to visit wiki to “fact check” me might want to change the insinuation in their Hippie section to clarify that 19170, the Kent State massacre, changed the momentum of the movement. In fact, it just about killed it out. It was the moment when those involved realized that everything, which had started out peaceful enough, had suddenly become deadly, violent and dark.

Anyway, I do not mention Kent State, or the massacre. I will probably mention it in passing, but it has no bearing on my main character’s life. He is neither a hippie or even a protestor. He could really care less.

I am more interested in his personal growth in this story. And this will include him losing his way, for a little while, and doing things he’d sworn never to do. No, he doesn’t break any laws, except for using illegal drugs.

I hope you are enjoying the story. I have one more chapter ready, but do not think I will be posting it tonight.


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