Sorrow, Part Two

“A father should never have to bury their son.”- King Theoden, Fellowship Of The Ring: Return Of The King

I find the above quote (though probably paraphrased rather than the actual quote. Don’t watch the movie often enough to properly quote it) very apt and to the point. And I very much agree with it, and yet, sometimes our children precede us in death and we are left to ask questions. And to soothe wounds that never heal.

To My Son


To my son I write
This sad lullaby so lonely
An’ to his memory
I sing it tonight
And if it only
Serves to set me free
Then perhaps somehow
Even though he isn’t here with me now
I’ll be sure that he’ll hear it

To my son I send my love
Which will endure in my heart
As will his memory forever
Here on earth and heaven above
The healing can start
Now and forever
And though I won’t see him
Or do what I planned, I won’t cry
As I sing him this lullaby

To my little boy I sing
This sad, lonely lullaby
And to his memory
I dedicate my song
Let it, with all its pain, ring
With every mournful sigh
Perhaps I’ll grow strong
And someday I hope
I can set my soul free
Maybe then, I’ll be able to cope.

(piano solo)

To my son, my thoughts drift
To the things I wanted to share
And the things he has now
So now I sing this lullaby
Hoping he’ll hear
And know that I will always
Love him with my whole heart
To heaven, my eyes I lift
Knowing that he is in God’s care
As my head, in prayer, I now bow
Tears Of sorrow, tears of joy both I now cry
Knowing that he’s so near
As this lullaby plays.

(piano solo out)

JTB, 1997

Some may claim that faith is hokey, but it is all that has kept me sane for the last ten or so years. It keeps me safe in the knowledge that someday, I will get to see him. It keeps me from being anything more than hopeful that the world will change and all that we hold dear will return to us.