Shifting Gears…Long Cold Winter.

OK, as promised, I am going to be shifting gears with Long Cold Winter. There will be no magic, no supernatural, no romance, no science fiction…none of the frilly stuff that makes it all interesting. Instead, there will be flashbacks. Lots of them dealing with decades past. After all, what good would a story be if I didn’t throw a little modern history in there? Besides. It is far more fun to read about a fantastic life than to live it, right? Or even a not-so-fantastic one.

In this instance, our protagonist is going to be a burned out musician. Tired. Alone. Nearly…well, I don’t want to give too much away.

As I spin this tale, I want to hear back from you. Please. I need to have a little feedback. I know you enjoyed the last story. But I need to know what you think of the story as it unfolds. It will help me fine tune it when I go to edit.