I Will Take This One Slow…..

So what do you think? I had more to this chapter, but after reaching almost 2000 words, I decided to make it the next chapter. I have to finish the chapter. I Intend to take you to the years that form who he is. 1967. The 1970s (at some point. Maybe the disco years). The 1980s. And the 1990s. I start with the “Summer Of Love” for a reason. Each stop will shine a spotlight on something in the first chapter.

I hope you don’t mind jumping back and forth. I will be going from the present (in the story) to the past. The “present” portions of the book will be where he is jostled back to his present by something. Possibly a noise, or maybe someone he knows. This is a story of a man remembering things he really doesn’t want to. He is taking little journeys. Where this story will end, I don’t know.