The Travails Of Being Me…Part One.

So I am learning how to write screenplays. I thought it only natural since I am a writer. I used to write plays when I was in high school and even the first round of college, but had fallen out of practice. And now, I want to broaden my horizons.

I am thinking of possibly writing them, in rough draft, using Microsoft Word, so I can print them off for easy conversion later. I want to see just how good I can get at this. Why? because I want to take my career to the next level. Besides. Who wouldn’t want to see my stories as movies or television shows?

I know I would. There’s money in them thar Hollywood Hills. Or anywhere else that might take them. I mean, Hollywood wouldn’t necessarily be the only place I would seek entrance.

I know a few who want to see “Angel” as a series of movies or a series on television. I know of fans who want to see some of the stories in “Mexican Radio” as movies. And I have a few unpublished series and shorts that I would love to make into mini series or movies. Even “Faust” and “Jesus Saves” would make for wonderful movies. Or even my newest idea…”Long Cold Winter”. No, it isn’t a horror story. It isn’t even suspenseful. It is just going to be a boring little drama. But, then, who doesn’t like a drama every now and then…as long as it isn’t real and in your living room?

I am going to try and remain as far away from romance this time as I possibly can. There isn’t going to be any science fiction or fantasy themes. No erotica. No action/adventure (unless you find life on the road tales full of action and adventure). No horror/suspense. Just a man facing his mortality and a case of severe burnout and depression.

Before anyone asks what I am trying to prove with the stories, I will lay that bird to rest. I am not trying to prove much of anything. Well, except that I can write a diverse range of stories. My influences wrote just about everything…even Louis L’Amour. One of his last books was a cross between a modern mystery and paranormal. Very interesting.

Though Robert E. Howard is known mainly for writing the Conan saga, Kull, And Solomon Kane, he also wrote The Valley Of Iskander and The Adventures Of Dennis Dougan among many others. Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and John Carter Of Mars also wrote such amazing books as The Mad King (historical fiction) and The Outlaw Of Torn (a fantasy novel).

I am pretty sure that Stephen King has written stories other than horror, I know Terry Brooks has written something other than fantasy, I have seen it. I know that many other authors aren’t just a one-genre writer. I have read many.