Jesus Saves, Chapter Fifty-Seven

Torkelsen had led them on a wild and twisting path of utter destruction for a year, until he had finally returned to New Orleans. Now, a week away from Mardi Gras, he was nearing the end of his list. Fifty-one dead. That was his tally. And he was proud of every one.

Now, he needed a challenge. Something not yet tried. Hell. He hadn’t tried attacking construction sites. Or schools. But schools were too big. He didn’t have enough explosives on him to blow a school.

So he would do a construction site. But which one? Which one would offer the most carnage for the least amount of effort? What about a condo site? Yes. That would be perfect. Or even an apartment complex. Either way, it was still small enough to do safely, but large enough to make a statement. He smiled.

He surprised himself. He was thinking big now. Bigger than he ever thought before. Well, with the exception of some of the orders he’d carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq before they sent him home. He made a note. He would have to get justice for his stolen military career. But that was for some other time.

Right now, he had to see to the endgames here. It all ended at the precinct. And he was getting close to that point. Very close.

Over the past year, he had been forced to change vehicles constantly. Not a single trap he’d set in any of them had succeeded in upping his score. Instead, they seemed to be anticipating each one. Maybe the booby trapped car wasn’t worth the effort. Maybe he just needed to blow the damn thing up. Yes. That would be perfect.

Each vehicle he felt was close to being identified, he would simply blow up. Remove it from play. Destroy the evidence.

His attention was suddenly grabbed by a construction site. It was perfect. That was his target. He would come back after everyone had gone home. He chuckled.


Morgan collected his paperwork off his desk and replaced it into his satchel. It was quitting time. Time to go and be with Misty. He couldn’t wait.

He still loved her even though he had found out that she would never be able to have children. Past trauma had seen to it that those abilities had been robbed from her. Instead, they had begun talking about adoption. It was a possibility, and one she was open to. So was surrogacy. But he did not want to go with surrogacy. He didn’t want to share a connection with anyone but her.

They would do adoption. He smiled at the thought of little feet running around the condo. It was the right time. For both of them.

He got up and left his office, in the construction trailer, locking and closing the door behind him. Everyone else had already left. He was alone. It was always the same. Every day.

He was the first to arrive, the last to leave. Always. It had always been the way he was. Hell. It was the secret to his success.

He climbed in his BMW and headed toward the complex. It had been empty for the entire length of time that he had been married to Misty, but he didn’t care. Those rich philanderers came and went as they pleased. And once their doxies were gone, they had nothing to come back for. And the women had left almost as soon as Misty had been moved in.

He smiled an ironic smile. Leave it to mistresses to get jealous. never mind that they were the ones that were involved in relationships with men who would never marry them. They still saw another pretty woman as possible competition.

But Misty had never attempted to take men away from their mistresses. At least not that he’d noticed. Nor had she strayed from his side while they had been together. At least not that he would notice.

She had been his. She was still his. She would always be his. Forever.


Torkelsen had watched as Morgan left. After the BMW disappeared, he pulled his little Honda back around the corner. Time to investigate. He needed to know whether there was much security.

Only one guard operated the gate and made the rounds. Good. Not enough to cause him any concern. He grinned.

time to search for a place to get in without being noticed. Was there a hole in the fencing? He searched. None.

He would have to make one. An opening he could close after he was done so that no one would notice. After all, it wasn’t as if he was going there to steal anything. Just to turn it into a huge fireball.

He kept quiet as he began snipping the wires of the chain link fence that surrounded the site. Every time the guard came around to where he was, he hid. Mid way, he decided to make the opening small. Almost unnoticeable. Something that would be overlooked easily until it was too late.

Something just big enough for him to pass his supplies and tools through, then go through himself. It didn’t matter if he had to get down on his hands and knees, it had to be nearly invisible to anyone looking above the waist or knees. Knees. That was it!

He knelt and began snipping at the wire the was roughly three feet from the ground. Small enough for a child, large enough for him. Barely. Just big enough to slip everything else through as well.

He worked in stages. Every time the guard came back, he lay as flat as he could. After the guard left, he would resume. It took an hour to finish the hole.

he slipped his tools and explosives through the hole and sat them to one side. Lying on his stomach, he wriggled through and then stood up to survey his target. Picking up his tool box, he slipped into the construction zone.