Jesus Saves, Chapter Fifty

Phineas looked at Michael. “Long time, Mike. Almost forgot what you looked like.”

Michael looked at the ex-cop. “This isn’t exactly a social call, Phin.”

Phin nodded. “I know. I wish it were, though. Would’ve rather called on different terms. Ivan’s gone mad.”

Michael smiled grimly. “I noticed. What pushed him, Phin?”

Phin bowed his head. “He was always a little crazy, but never this insane. I am just afraid that he will move to innocent people. Ones that he doesn’t really know much about. So far, it has been crooked lawyers, drug dealers and us. Next, it could be anyone. You. The Commissioner. The chief. The mayor.

“We both know he needs to be stopped. Soon. Miles and I are willing to help you bring him down. I am willing to serve however long I have to as long as I am nowhere near Ivan. If we were ever to be put in the same prison, let alone the same cell, we would kill each other. Miles, here, is innocent of most of it. He was just present when we did the lawyer.

“Hell. He tried to talk Ivan out of it at the last minute. But Ivan wouldn’t hear it.”

Michael looked over at him. “Is there a point to all this?”

Phin frowned. “Yes. We’re both turning ourselves in. We also want protection. Just in case he does find out that we are still alive and willing to talk.”

Michael nodded. “We’ll need your cell phones. And any records you have of any and all conversations you had with him.”

The Irishman finally spoke. “Our mobiles were destroyed in the blast. Burned up in our cars. As for our conversations, we both keep those in fireproof safes at a secure location. One can nae be too careful nowadays.” He took a key out of his pocket and handed it to Michael. “Got ye a piece o’ paper?”

Michael took out his little notebook, the one he wrote clues in when questioning victims and witnesses. He handed it to Miles. “Are both of you willing to give deposition in front of a camera and repeat all this?”

Miles nodded. “Aye. And a lot more. O’ course Phinny o’er there knows a wee bit more than I.”

Michael looked over at Phin, who handed him a similar key. “And you?”

Phin nodded. “Yes.”

Michael turned to Reilly. “When they are done writing their info down, cuff them. Read them their rights, and haul them in. Without lights. No need to give anyone the idea that you have anyone in your car.” He turned back to Phin and Miles. “You two will have to lay low in the back of their car, like you aren’t really there. Understood?”

Both felons nodded. Michael walked away. Phineas was just glad that he would have some sort of protection. With the other homicide crew, both would never arrive alive. Or they would get framed for Torkelsen’s handiwork. Either way, they would end up with the short end of the deal. With Michael’s crew, they would have a chance to tell their stories.


Torkelsen was very pleased with himself. He now believed both of his friends to be dead. No loose ends. No one to talk him out of targeting the police now.

But he wasn’t quite ready for that yet. He still had a few more tests to run. He wanted to know the most effective ways. so far, he had only seen the messiest. He didn’t want messes.

He headed back to the Lawyer’s house. He was sure that it would be a pile of matchsticks. With what he had used, it should be absolutely nothing now. He was eager to see.

Pulling up, he was infuriated to see that it was still standing. By all rights, it should have been a hole in the ground. along with the immediate neighborhood. But all the houses still stood. And even worse, the people were still walking around…alive!

Frowning, he got out and went to the door. Trying the knob, he found it unlocked. He looked inside. It was abandoned! Where had his target gone? Had he died of fright instead of the big bang?

He sniffed the air. There was a gas leak. Good. If the police were using this place as evidence, he would see that it wasn’t usable for much longer. He began wandering the empty rooms. One by one, he searched for anything that would tell him where the lawyer had gone. Nothing.

He entered the kitchen and opened the gas valve. the low hiss gave him a kind of high. He headed for the back door. It was the closest.

He made a hasty exit, then turned just outside the door. Flipping open a metal lighter, he watched the flame as it danced. But just for a second. He threw it into the house that was now filling with gas.

He timed it. He knew he had just enough time to go back to his car and make his get away. Moments later, after he was a ways down the street, he looked up in the mirror in time to see the explosion. He smiled.


Misty was enjoying her life with Morgan. she couldn’t believe that it had been two years already. Two years of wonderful married bliss. Domestic paradise.

He went to work every morning and came home every evening. Except when he went out of the country. Then she went with him. They had become inseparable.

He always bought her things. Wonderful things. Rings. Necklaces. Ear rings. Clothes.

But those didn’t really matter. It was the thought behind them. No one had ever loved her that much. Well, almost no one. There had been one. But he had left so long ago that she no longer remembered his name.

But Morgan was here. He was her strength. Her salvation. Her very heart and soul.

She knew that he felt the same as she did. Why else did he continue to want her along for every adventure? Why did he pamper her like he did? She smiled. He had her spoiled and she loved every minute of it.