And Now I Pause…

It is snowing here, in my corner of the world. It started last night and has been snowing ever since. Now that I am all caught up with my story, I am going to pause. I am thinking about possibly quitting for the day, though I really want to finish this novel/novella and send it to the next level: the Beta reader. I have three who normally beta read for me, although you are the first to read what later becomes a book.

I am trying not to rush through the story. I hate when you see a story that is supposed to take place over a series of years, but there is little to substantiate the multiple year storyline except a rush through time. A bouncing from one year to another without some sort of excitement in each year.

NO worries, though. We are drawing near the point where our antagonist will return to their murderous life. I have one more “quiet” year before I get to that, though. I have to set into motion the closing of the net, so to speak. The slow gathering of evidence against the real murderer.

I have already begun that with the reappearance of Lady at Mardi Gras with the intentions of talking to Michael about “Misty”. But she was only the beginning. And there are still a few more deaths to occur before the endgames.

Before I forget…If you want to know how to read my literary interpretation of Cajun/bayou speak, I would suggest that-if at all possible-you find a routine from the late Justin Wilson. It will give you insight on how it is supposed to sound if you were to listen to my character Justin Marcel. And, yes, that is French intermingled in his vocabulary.

I must warn you, on another note, that many of the crimes in the following chapters will seem more violent, but I am merely trying to give a variety of possible cases. I hope none are too shocking. If so, I am sorry.