No Story Tonight…

I spent all day fighting high winds on the interstate. What time I wasn’t on the interstate, I was sitting in waiting rooms. Nothing wears you out quicker than to have to fight high winds while you drive. And I drive for a living…sort of.

Technically, I am considered a volunteer. I get paid mileage, not by the hour. I rarely make enough to even consider taxable. Which usually means that I can’t really cover my bills either. Which sucks.

Today I worked the equivalent of a 12 hour shift. I started at 9:15 and did not finish until 3:45. This means that I am tired. More tired than usual.

I was going to give you the usual two chapters, but I just do not have the energy. I think it is time to shut down and chill. Sorry. Will write double tomorrow to catch up. I promise. Then, I have at least four reviews I need to get done…at some point.