Drama, Drama, Drama…

So now, I am filling in the lives of my other characters: Michael, Justin, Reilly, and Danforth. I will bring conflict, but not heartache-at least, not yet- to the other two officers on this case. At the same time, the killings will stop…for a while. This gives me a few chapters to be boring and fill in story for the Captain and his partner. I can also fill in a little with Michael and possibly push them closer to discovering who the killer is.

I have decided how I am going to kill Morgan. At the same time, I have decided that he will not die by her hand. But I will not spoil it for you. Still, that is a few chapters off…so just be patient. I will get you to that point soon enough.

As of this point, we have buried Evangeline, Justin has sent his kids to stay with Michael and his family, and Michael has had a touching moment with his youngest daughters. Oh, and the killings have stopped. For now.

I am unsure just how much terror I have written into this story. I am unsure whether I can classify it as suspense (though I have seen many movies that were more comedy than suspense that got classified as suspense). I know that I am adding a lot of romance and drama. But I am also setting the next scenes and building to the next climax.

So, I leave you with a thought. I am thinking that this can simply be considered a mystery. What about you?