Odds And Ends…

OK, so I have concluded Evangeline’s part in this story…kind of. She is now dead, but the events that are about to unfold are linked to this very point in the story. Justin Marcel is now utterly alone and this will play into the endgames. But there are still a few more events left to unfold, so I will not go into detail.

I know that I have probably written in some misinformation, and fallacies, but I promise to correct those in the final draft. For instance, I am not really sure how long it takes for a passport to be finished-from filing for it to final product-so will have to look that info up…unless someone who reads the story knows and would be kind enough to fill in the blanks.

I know that you can’t get an ID without some proof of who you are, so that is pure fiction..unless, of course, you go to someone for a fake ID. So, for the sake of this story, we will assume that is what was done. Well, I am done here for now. am going to go watch a movie and unwind for the night.