Jesus Saves, Chapter Thirty

The maid arrived at room 132 to begin her cleaning duties, not expecting the sight that would greet her. Her frantic screams brought guests and staff running to see what was wrong. They knew, immediately upon entering the room, what had happened in that room. There was blood everywhere.

The bodies of both prostitutes were still tied to the bed in what looked to be a bondage ritual. There was shock and terror in their dead eyes that told all that they knew exactly who their killer was. Yet, they had been gagged so as to stifle their screams.

“All customers,” The manager began, trying not to get sick, Please remove yourselves from the room. Staff too. Touch nothing. Melinda, leave the door open.”

Everyone filed out, including the manager. He put two of his maintenance men outside the door to make sure no one re-entered, then went to call the police. Tonight, there would be two less on the streets. Still, he wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Not even the men and women of the night.

This was just horrible. These men had no chance. They couldn’t even defend themselves, tied up as they were. Had they been drugged as well? Whatever the case, he knew that this was bound to have adverse effects on his hotel. Never before had anyone been killed under his watch.

As he dialed 9-1-1, he began looking through his guests for who had been. Morrie’d had desk duty. The room had been rented to a Miss Laurel Munroe and one Delgado Rivera with the express knowledge that they would be joined by a friend for a small private party. Apparently, they had not expected the party to end with their deaths. And who was this Miss Laurel Munroe?

“Yes,” he began, as the operator picked up his call, “I would like to report a double homicide at The Crescent Inn. Can you get an officer here immediately?”


Michael arrived with his whole team in minutes. This time, he had decided to not waste the time waiting for everyone. Even the ME had come with. They already knew it was a double homicide. The less time they wasted, the more likely they would be to find whether they would have any clues to go on.

He took down all the information the manager had. When the man had stopped, he looked at him. “Can I get any security footage from your cameras from last night?”

“Yes,” came the answer, “Though I don’t know how that’ll help. Ain’t really any cameras outside the rooms. Just around and in the office.”

“It’ll tell us who our lady is,” Michael admitted, “And possibly the killer.”

“I see,” the manager agreed, “Then the security footage from last night is all yours.”

The man vanished into the back office for a brief moment, then emerged with a single disc. He smiled.

“I see that your surveillance is all high tech,” Michael kidded.

“Yep,” came the reply, “although we haven’t been able to expand to have better coverage. This is the first murder we have ever had here. We have had nearly everything else, though, and have been trying to get security to where we can keep it all from happening. After this, though, I doubt we’ll have many customers. No one wants to end up dead.”

“I am not really sure,” Michael responded, “that this will really stop you from making money. Might cut down on your prostitution traffic, though. At least for a while.”

“I would not have allowed that group in here,” the manager was stating, honestly, “if I had been on duty. I knew Mr. Rivera and Mr. Luder. I don’t know this Miss Munroe, though.”


“How was your time away from me, Baby?” Morgan asked, as he came through the door.

“Lonely,” came the depressed answer from Misty, “Tell me again why I can’t go with you?”

“Well,” he began, “With going to Dubai, they would have frowned upon our being together and not yet married. But, aside from that, we haven’t yet gone through the process of getting your passports. We will once we are married. And then, you will go along as often as you want. How is that?”

She nodded. As long as she was going to be with him, she was fine with his decisions. She snuggled into his shoulder. There, she was safe and warm. Secure.

While she was in his arms, she heard no voices and felt no compulsion to find another man to be with. She was at peace. He was her safe zone. Her only desire.

At the moment, they had a wedding to attend. Their wedding. She would be Mrs. Morgan Le Grue by the end of the day. And she couldn’t wait.

They made their way to a small chapel in the French Quarter run by a voodoo priestess. Lady Deveaux was the best at what she did, and a client of Morgan’s. He had “built” her chapel for her and remodeled her apartment. She, as a result, had been intimate with him for a time, then became a close friend. Today, she was going to be the one to marry the happy couple.

He had picked Lady for a reason. She could tell what people were like. She could tell someone’s future with just a touch. He wanted to avoid any big problems.

Misty was unaware of the significance of her meeting with Lady. She only knew that it was so she could wed her beloved Morgan. Fate had asked for more, though. But what would the result of their meeting? And what did their future hold?

Morgan, on the other hand, knew that he needed to safeguard himself. He needed to know who and what his intended bride was. He wanted to make sure he was not getting into something he would regret.

Still, no matter the outcome of the meeting, he still intended to be married to his beloved Misty. Even if he had to have an evil removed from her, or a charm put upon their love. He would do whatever it took to be with her to the end.