I am quickly running out of time to write for now, so I will take a break and let these two chapters (last night’s intended) soak in. I am nearing the wedding scene, so soon she will be a MRS. But, she has to pass the litmus test of meeting Lady, the voodoo priestess.

In that, is hidden a surprise. I am not going to divulge that surprise, but will reveal it after I return from work and write the next chapter or two. I will also start to close the net around our killer, but slowly. Morgan still has to die, but I am not sure whether he is to die the same way as the other victims, or whether I want his death to be an accident.

I do know that there is to be two more murders after he dies and before I bring the case to a close and conclude the story. I also have to do something about Evangeline. Right now, she is ill. I intend to wrap up her storyline soon and begin the events that cause the endgames. All I can promise is that I will make you all really, really sad. Or mad. Or relieved. However you decide to take the events in the next few chapters.

Enjoy the intermission, and I will be back in about three hours to do another couple of chapters.