Jesus Saves, Chapter Twenty-Seven

Misty found a table and sat down. She would drink for a while as she waited for someone to notice her. No matter where she chose to drink, dance, and find her sexual partners she always had the same drinks. Sex On The Beach.

She couldn’t remember where she had picked up her liking for the mixed drink, she just knew it tasted good to her. Maybe later she would go for some Jell-O shots. But not right now. Right now, she wanted something slow and easy. Nothing to hint at the party girl she felt like tonight.

She wouldn’t dance until she had found a partner or two. Then, the dancing would be more of a way to see which she wanted to go home with. If they were roomies, so much the better. She would go with both. Would make for an interesting night.

As she sat drinking, she hummed. She really liked the ambiance of this club. It was upscale, yet average enough to pull in the younger crowd. It was her kind of club.

Abuzz with the activity of life, it kept her smiling. The dancing. the music. The love that floated on the breeze. It all gave her a high that couldn’t be found elsewhere.

As she drank, she took it all in. A sip here, a swallow there. With each, she studied the men who came in. That one was too fat. The next was too skinny. Another looked too young.

As they entered, she played this mental game to amuse herself. She really didn’t care about the weight of her partner. It was just a game to pass the time. She only wanted what they had to offer for a short time. Nothing lasting.

She was concerned only with type. Were they married? Engaged? Taken? Gay?

Were they apt to drug? Were they players? Confirmed bachelors? Playboys? Gigolos? Or simply looking for a good time?

She felt that she could never really care that much for the jocks. Too macho. Too full of themselves. She saw a group of them enter the club, their Letter Jackets open and a cheerleader type on their arm. She thought that she might’ve been a cheerleader type at some point. High school, maybe? She shrugged.

What did it matter? She was much too old to care anymore. All she cared was that they be able to satisfy her. Keep up with her. She was hungry. So very hungry.


Thurlo Greer entered and immediately saw her. She had turned away from the door, but he could see her tattoo. He couldn’t read it, but he was drawn to her immediately. Just the sight of it made him want to know her. He made his way toward her table.

She looked like she needed rescuing from a group of jocks. Thurlo smiled. He was a jock himself, and there he was going to her aid. Of course, those he was going to challenge were just out to score. She would be nothing more than just another number. Another name in their books of one-night stands.

He chuckled silently to himself. What was he thinking? That was all she was to him! But she wouldn’t be something that he would have gained bragging rights to. He didn’t see it that way. He had been taught to treat women like queens. A night of paradise was not something to brag to friends about. It was an intimate moment between two adults that remained private.

His mama had been his driving force. Being from the projects, he could have been just another kid lost to the streets. Instead, he had honed his skills at the hoops and on the field to win a sports scholarship. But he wasn’t just another athlete. He was a whiz at math and science. He even did well at history and English as well. And he was nearing his Senior year with honors. When he graduated, he would be able to seek a job as a teacher. He had dual teaching degrees in Math and Science with minors in English and History. He planned on finishing the minors out as majors later on, after he was established as a teacher.

He just wish his mama was here now to see his success. But she had died shortly after he came to New Orleans. She had been the victim of a drive-by. She had been sleeping on a couch in the living room when the bullets shattered the window and ended her life. Thurlo’s uncle had seen to the funeral, but allowed him to remain at college.

The bullets had been meant for his uncle, of course. Or for his Stepfather. But they had claimed his mama. He had never forgiven either for her loss. He had remained at college out of respect for her. He had no desire to be around the gang. They had cost him way too much.

He had turned his back on them all. He had turned his back on that way of life. It was a dead end leading to death or prison. He didn’t want either one.

“Hey, boys,” he began, as he reached her side, “This lady is special. She needs respect, not the shallow affections of a group of walking hormones.”

“An’ I suppose you’re the guy who’ll give ‘er that?” One jock pointedly asked.

“Yeah, T. G.,” Another dared, “What makes you think she’s gonna want to be with you?”

At that moment, she turned and put her lips on his. The resulting kiss electrified him. As the power coursed through him, he lost himself. At the same time, he felt other things happening.

“That,” she stated, after gently pulling away from the kiss, “Should tell you boys all you need to know.”

The spurned suitors frowned and left. They had lost, but none would forget. When she returned, they would try to land their chances with her. Each would try for his chance and the losers would walk away, spurned once again.