Done For The Night…

OK. As you have noticed, I am already at chapter 23, ready to write chapter 24, and am nowhere near being close to resolving this story. Why? Glad you asked.

I have decided to push myself, my boundaries, and create my first full length novel. I hope that I am keeping it interesting enough. I know I have been throwing other elements into the story (romance, hints of erotica, maybe a little humor, and whatever comes out) but it has been to keep things from getting stale.

I have a few more people to kill in the story before I get to what happens to Morgan. Then, I have a couple to kill after that before we reach the final chapter. I have added a new trend to the deepening mystery all in the name of baffling our intrepid detective for a while. I have also given a new clue as to what is happening and where they will have to look for more clues.

But for now, I am done for the night. I am too tired for the next chapter. besides. I have to figure out how to jump another year. I have to get three years beyond Morgan’s death to wind this story down. Then, I have to figure out how to end it all. Other than the obvious, if you have read the original short.