Not Bad For A Messed Up Day…

I was supposed to make two runs…but both cancelled. So, I ended up with a last minute run with an elderly lady to the store. Oh, the awesome life of being a volunteer cabby. (Really, it sucks…but it is a job.)

In the ensuing time, I was able to get three chapters done. And I may have you all confused, I don’t know. I wanted the detective and his crew to seem as real as possible by sending him on an unrelated case, so I did. And I introduced a pimp by the name of Tiger Charlie. Not that he is really all that important to the story, but I wanted my detective sidetracked for a moment. I will say that you may be mildly surprised when I describe Tiger Charlie.

OK, so Charlie may just be more than a passing character. Perhaps he has a link to Nelson. Or maybe the man you know only as Mark Connel. And exactly who was Mark? Or Celeste/Sarah/Misty?

I’m not telling yet. Maybe one will remain a mystery even after the story is through. You will find out who Mark was, though, I promise. Just not right away. I still need to make a few more men disappear, including Morgan Le Grue. And then, a couple more must disappear after him. Just be patient and stay tuned.