Something’s Bugging Me…

First of all, let me say that we have a HUGE crop of idiots who think they are fit to run a country. I have never seen a dumber bunch of sheep in my life. It really is true: the greedier you become, the less smart you become. I am serious.

This is from a man who lives in a state that elected a seditious Pig de-nutter who borders on bestial in her behavior. (I am sorry, but unlike most of my fellow Iowans, I did pay attention to what remarks my vying candidates and anyone who threatens to shoot anyone who tries to disarm her is seditious. And anyone who brags about biting the nuts off a pig during castration is bordering on bragging about bestiality. Neither of which I find very attractive in a candidate) And I did not vote for the one who was elected.

Even more, it alarms me that our current crop of so-called leaders are attacking the elderly, handicapped, ill, widowed, and-most of all-the poor. But we must also toss the veterans into this mix, because, even though the Iowan who went to Washington was a fellow military putz, Congress refused to give the veterans they made with the last wars any compensation for the time and lives spent on their unneeded battlefield. (No, I do not think all in the military are putzes. just those who refuse to help their fellow service people who fought for THEM.)

Even worse, though, are these putzes who think they are worthy of the White House. Let’s run through them.

1. Romney: I am sorry, but someone who has been caught admitting to not paying taxes, being a part of an investment firm that cost millions their livelihood, and is so out of touch with reality that even his wife makes the mistake of thinking that canned tuna signifies poverty does not deserve the Presidency. Especially when he literally insults 47% of the population with a quip that they do not count. Who in their right mind tells anyone that they do not matter? I guess his children got it right when they distorted Romney into R-Money. Go crawl back under the rock you came out from under, Willard. We don’t need a delusional rich white boy who has no clue about life on the streets. And if you run this round? Tell your wife and kids to keep their mouths shut…and warn your oldest not to pull the stunt of trying to buy voting machines. Not that it will save you from defeat.

2. Ted Cruz. Why is he even running? wasn’t it proven that he was born in Canada? Just because someone is born in Canada does not, last I knew, make him a Natural US born citizen. It makes him just another immigrant. It also makes them a Canadian. Go back to Canada and spread your disease, Ted. We don’t need you here.

3. Rubio. Get a clue, dude. Just because you are of Cuban descent does not make you an expert on anything. Grow the Fuck up. I would Vote Arnie Schwarzenegger before I would Cruz or Rubio…and I know that he can’t legally run either. (said with a touch of sarcasm)

4. Huckabee. Michael Huckabee. I have only heard one who has uttered stoopider (misspelling intentional) things…OK, more than one, but the point is STFU. Nobody cares about your parenting advice. You didn’t do so hot with your own children, so you really shouldn’t be giving pointers. And Beyonce music? Really? I guess if it isn’t The Saints Came Marching In or whatever tripe the KKK uses as their anthem, it ain’t music. Sorry to tell you but all music is music, whether you like it or not. As a musician, I seriously doubt the abilities of anyone who has to hate on a musician just because of their color. Really? Did you realize that almost all her love songs are to her HUSBAND? She sure as hell ain’t singin’ to her secretary or even to her cabana boy.

5. Ricky Santorum. OK, so here is one just a tad dumber than Huckabee. If you haven’t noticed, Santorum, you lost relevance when defending Chick-Fil-A. Even the name sounds…twisted.

6. Rand Paul. Any man who mocks those who are disabled should have his nuts removed and his back broken…then any aid denied based on his comments about others in that position. He is not fit to lead this country.

7. Sarah Palin. While I have no problem with women in the Presidency, I am very opposed to this one. she has done nothing but made herself look like an idiot from day one. only two women in Congress was ever any dumber than her. Anne Coulter and Michelle Bachmann. Neither of which are fit for the Presidency. And the popular VP choice with this one: Ted Nugent? I am sorry, but I would vote Joe Walsh before I voted any ticket with Nugent.

8. Jeb Bush. Really? Do we really need another boring Shrub in the White House to mess things up even more? I mean papa lied and brother started a war that only benefited his VP’s corporation. Really. We do not need three. We are still cleaning up the messes left by the first two.

I am not sure I have touched on all the possible GOP candidates, but this is the list I know of…so far. And I wouldn’t vote for a single one, even if they were to be the only ones running. Hell no!

But our problems don’t stop there. We have a whole crop of “leaders” who would take us back to the Dark Ages both religiously and scientifically. They are so fearful of the truth that they have even ceased to read the Bible for fear they might actually learn something. Oh, sure, they wave it like there is no tomorrow in making all a convert to their madness, but they have ceased to LIVE it. Their sole reason for being is to hate everyone and everything that is different.

And it is spurred on by so called religious leaders.

1. Pat Robertson. He is in his eighties, far richer and prouder than any true man of God should be. Full of himself, he preaches riches and fame to any who will believe his falsehoods. He preaches hate toward all brothers not of his color or sexual preference. “He who says ‘I love God, but hates his brother is a liar. For how can you hate your brother whom you have seen, but love God Whom you have not?” (I John 4: 20)

Of course, there are many others who have followed this man’s path of preaching wealth, health, and happiness, then turning into bigots and oppressing the poor and destitute, but Pat Robertson has made a life of doing so.

For those who wonder:

No I am not a Republican. Nor am I a Democrat. Or anti-Christian. Their false leaders have already done more damage than I could ever do. They have built the perfect beast. One that only sees money, fame and power as its meal ticket. They are the ones who have destroyed the image of Christians world-wide through their hate and malice…very things they were supposed to rid themselves of a long time ago.

There is nothing conservative about Christianity. It demands that followers care about the people around them. Serving them, not preaching to them. We can declare our faith without preaching. Through our way of life, not our words. We are to be giving, kind and willing to help wherever necessary.

We are to lack judgment when it comes to those around us, not condemning the world for what they do. Rather, praying for them. We are to wish for no one’s death. For in doing so, we have condemned ourselves.