Let Us Pause…

Now that I am caught up, I would like to take time for the following:

Before I get a bunch of irate beratings from people who live in Louisiana about how few basement there are anywhere down there, I know. the basement scene is meant to be a little out of place. so is the padlocked door and the scene she (our intrepid Jane Doe) finds behind it. Her reaction is meant to be disjointed, since very little reality actually (as if you haven’t noticed) computes.

I know how damp and boggy areas of Louisiana are and that it usually cuts down on wanting to dig basements. But I had to make a compelling, yet out-of-place prison for the crooked officer’s hostages. I also had to put something in to explain why she left the house, even though she-herself-may not have fully understood the compulsion to leave.

I am going to continue to take you on a surreal ride through this story. Many things may not fit, but they have purpose. And the Taped-up freezer? We’ll come back to that. 😉