Good Night And sweet Dreams…

I won’t be able to get to the second promised chapter tonight. Had a longer day than I had expected. Didn’t get to do much this morning, so had to fight through this chapter during what would have been my movie time. Not disappointed, though. I believe I am getting this story to the point where everyone will start to sit up and take notice.

I have a book cover to share as well. Need your input. What do you think?10921797_420928534737475_1151556323_n

This was the other reason I was unable to get anything more than a single chapter done.


4 thoughts on “Good Night And sweet Dreams…

  1. Well, the story was originally supposed to be a horror short….but it grew. Now I am not sure what where it belongs, though it has taken on hints of romance and is more mystery than thriller/suspense. But, then, I am not an accurate gauge of how my stories turned out. I tend to believe that they aren’t as frightening as others find them.

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