Before I Begin…

It was pointed out to me that, though there was a wonderful story lying amid the train wreck that is Jesus Saves, It is not up to par with what I had hoped. Upon re-examination, I know that the young man who critiqued the story was right. He was so right, in fact, that I noticed that the story is going to take on a life of its own. Like The Faust Syndrome, Jesus Saves has so much potential.

I had struggled to tell a story that spans three years in a short story. I also gave a few too many characters. Thus, I am going to break with my promise, just this once, and write a novella. In this way, I can keep the complete cast and even expand on each characters. I can give them a more three/four dimensional personage…and possibly give more background.

This means that I will post one to two chapters a day. I am going to continue my sabbatical from the computer of an evening, so this means that I will only have a three to four hour span in which to write. I know I can do this. This will be the first of two horror novels for this year.

This also means that I will have to find a story to replace Jesus Saves with. Perhaps a short horror piece called…Night Songs. We shall see.