Parents and Educators Respond to Governor Cuomo

Here are questions we should all ask our elected officials about the ineffectiveness of current educational “reform”. Thank you Diane Ravitch for posting this letter. I hope that every State wakes up to what is truly going on.

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New York State Allies for Public Education wrote a research-based response to a letter written on behalf of Governor Cuomo by his director of state operations Jim Malatras. The letter makes incisive points that are relevant to every state and every district in the nation, so I am posting it in full. Please open the post to see the links to research.

NYS Allies for Public Education
January 5, 2015

Dear Governor Cuomo,

We, the undersigned members of NYS Allies for Public Education (NYSAPE), are writing in response to the December 18th letter to the Commissioner and Chancellor that Mr. Malatras wrote on your behalf. By responding to the questions posed, we want to separate fact from misinformation. We are also very troubled by several questions that were not included in your letter which continues to demonstrate a disconnect between your office and the public.

We strongly believe in theā€¦

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