No Story Tonight….

I am sitting here staring at my little notebook filled with story titles. Suddenly, I feel uninspired. So much to write, so little time. And some of the options have so much potential. In fact, I do have a story ready to write, and it is based on true events. In fact, I can split it into two stories.

I am also suffering from a mental block because of other news I received. My mother’s boyfriend seems to think that I should go into politics. He isn’t the first to make this claim, but he is the most recent and one of the few who could possibly make it happen. Not that I want to. But I am honored that he thinks so.

I am not one to seek so much power. I am reticent about even going there. They say that absolute power corrupts absolutely. They also say that the purest of hearts go into politics with the best of intentions and become corrupted by the game. I don’t want to be corrupted. I just want to effect change. Just a general question: If I went into politics, would you vote for me? Or do you need a platform first? (smiles)

On to something more serious. I have a question for my readers. Do you want me to return to Angel Of Death? Or do you want me to continue with the short stories? Or does it really matter to you?

This is your time to be heard. Please. I would like your input. Anyone?