If I Were To Run for Office….

The problem with politics is that it is a messy, corrupt world. To clean it up, we would have to do a lot of reforming. And these reforms would reach all the way to the state levels. Maybe even the municipal levels.

Being from the very bottom, I have been able to see what needs to be fixed. I have noticed that it is too easy to become corrupt when a Congressman can run for unlimited terms. It is also rife with bribery in the form of “special Interest” monies. Big Business can talk themselves into all sorts of tax breaks and we, the little people, are the ones who pick up the tab.

The Koches were currently recorded in an interview as saying that they only want a balanced budget in Washington. OK, boys. That means you better stop asking for tax breaks and start towing the line. Every American, that has income from employment coming in, is responsible for helping balance the budget. That means that even companies, since they want individual status, are expected to pay their taxes just like the lower and middle class. Same with the ultra rich. No more special treatment.

Banks: We’ll be watching you. Since you want to act like individuals, you can follow the laws like individuals. Get caught in criminal activities, you are shut down and your people go to prison. Same with any big business. No more “too big to pay” crap. We, the people, are fed up with it.

Media: We passed “yellow press” laws back in the 1800s to end the political siding. Start following the law, or get your asses shut down or reorganized. No more lies. No more innuendo. No more passing the blame. Just the news. Nothing but the news.

Congress: You are hereby cut down to a two-term limit. If things can’t get done in two terms, then you are in the wrong business and I am amazed that your personal businesses have survived for as long as they have. Here is the other thing. This disruption you call working. Stop or be indicted for treason. That is exactly what it is. Plain and simple. No more anti-anything. No more warmongering. Back off from waging wars overseas. Time to focus on our own people.

Lobbyists: you are now banned from WDC. Get packing. If you belong to a corporation, go home. If you are veterans lobbyists, then you are still welcomed to stay. If you are lobbying for the rights of the little people, you are still welcome. But corporate and gun lobbyists, take a hike. Until you can come up with some useful legislation on any of the issues-and by useful, I mean something that benefits anyone other than yourselves-facing our country, stay out of Washington. We don’t need you.

Tea Party: You are a disgrace to America. Your sedition shall not go unpunished. Since you all want a country of your own, get the hell out of the US and go to some place like Antarctica and set up your country there. I hear they have wonderful skiing there. And no minorities. and no taxes. Of course, you can’t grow much there, so you would have to rely on a lot of imports. If there was any country willing to send you imports.

You try to equate yourselves with a group of people from our past that would be ashamed to call you Americans. You have soiled their memories by acting as if taxation of any kind is evil. They were poor men fighting against already high taxes. they weren’t successful men with thousands/hundreds of thousands/ millions who felt as if they were being unjustly taxed. They were farmers and business owners who were about to lose their livelihoods through the taxes imposed by a distant government that just did not care. And the Rich? They were on the side of the apathetic government. They were loyal to the crown.

So take your misinformation, your hate, your sedition, your need to be macho through carrying a gun (because you lack something else. Balls.), Your misguided ideals or purity, your lack of judgment in wanting “Biblical” law (which would be the end of even you), your hypocrisy, and your bully tactics and leave if you do not like it here. go set up your own government elsewhere, far far away from us. We do not need or want your kind here.

Education Reformers: The problem with public education is not the teachers. It is idiots like you who only weigh education in measurements of money earned or money spent. Education, though an investment, is not the investment you want to make it out to be. You cannot conceivably invest dollars into a school and expect an immediate dividend. No, the investment is seeing your child able to go and pursue whatever profession they desire. You don’t privatize them.

You cannot engineer out human frailty, either. No matter how you try, there will still be children who will be weak at math, or English, or science. You cannot engineer the perfect worker. Even if you cloned workers, you would still be limited by the weakness of the original. Quit trying to play God.

How do you fix the problems in education? Let me tell you. Combining schools is not the answer. Neither is closing schools. The best way to fix schools is to change view on how you fund them. Instead of punishing them for losing students, you should actually fund them even more to help them fix their inadequacies.

You don’t change how curriculum is taught or learned. Common Core? I call it Common Crap. It serves no purpose other than to frustrate the children and adults alike. And the constant testing? Nothing but a bunch of bull. An educator once admitted, back in the eighties, that all testing did was see how well children take tests and follow directions. It does not prove how well they are versed in any subject.

“No Child Left Behind” left all the children behind. It was just another excuse for legislators to toy with the schools. “Race To The Top”? Who is racing? Definitely not the children. You are delusional if you think any of your so-called reforms has done any bit of good. Education was doing fine, except that you constantly underfund it, until you started messing with it and began changing things that should have been left alone.

Yes, the only problem that educators ever really faced was that of being underfunded and undervalued. I had wonderful teachers when I went to school. innovative. Inspiring. The best they could be with as little as they were allowed to work with.

The things I would make off-limits:

1. Medicare/Medicaid. This is not something that is available for you, politicians, to mess with and try to take away.

2. Social Security. What did your parents ever do to you to make you hate the elderly so much?

3. SSI. What have the ill and handicapped done to piss you off? Is it because you have never suffered that you hate them so?

4. Welfare. Any country that is unwilling to help its own underemployed, unemployed, underpaid, and impoverished will not last long.

5. universal healthcare. Of course, if the health insurance companies had been doing their jobs, this would not have been needed. But since it has been introduced, many have benefitted from it. why take it away?

The things I will make a point in changing:

1. Congressional salaries, pensions, and health insurance. Seasonal work gets seasonal pay. Since you do not want to raise minimum wage and want to gut social security and Medicare, you will have a choice.
a. To take the lowest average Social Security monthly check amount, every month for your terms, with Medicare level healthcare
b. To take minimum wage, no health insurance, no possible pension. This is what seasonal labor gets. I know. I used to work at seasonal jobs.

No more salaries for life. No more mooching off the tax payers you seem so intent on screwing. You attack the poor, Ok, I would make you walk a mile in their shoes. Why? Because I am one of them. And I know how to make money stretch. We would find a way to freeze your million dollar bank accounts and make you live off the meager paychecks you seem intent on making those you attack live off of. We would see how quick we can affect a change of heart from you all.

2. Corporate subsidies. No more. Billion dollar businesses can sustain their own weight. Time o focus on the small business and give them the boost they need. While I am on this, Corporations that make over a billion dollars would be expected to pay their fair share in taxes. No more tax breaks. If you cannot pay your taxes like the rest of us, you do not deserve to be in business. If you cannot support yourself, you do not deserve to be in business.

3. Minimum wage would be raised. Veterans pensions and benefits will be raised.

4. Education “reform” would be stopped and reversed so that true reform can be made. What has been classed as reform is nothing more than “education for profit”. It is not real reform. Money managers, get the hell out of education. Corporate investors, hit the road. Education is no longer for sale.

5. Military. No more wars without justifiable cause. No more overspending for weapons of mass destruction. We pull out of every foreign country we have invaded. We reassess our priorities. And then, we train a home-guard.

We would still respect our treaties and our responsibilities to our allies. But no more meaningless invasions for capital gains.

6. No more sending our jobs overseas. No, No and No. No more. Any business with more than 25% of their company overseas would be classed as a foreign business and will face taxes and tariffs. Cheap labor would cost you more than simple recalls. It would cost you in taxation. Welcome to the real America.

7. Jobs. I would see that more get created. This means investing in new businesses. It means bringing back jobs sent overseas. It also means raising wages so that workers can actually afford to live and prosper. The war on poverty is not taking the welfare system away, it is creating the jobs so people have something to do. There will always be a minority among those in the system who will abuse it, but that is no reason to remove the system that benefits so many when things are the toughest for them.

8. No more class warfare. Enough is enough. Stop the blame game. Reunite. Become a country again.

9. SCOTUS would be reviewed every year of their terms and would be replaced if found to be incompetent or seditious. Our judges need to be the wisest, not the richest, of the land. We need a younger, more diverse panel of SCOTUS judges. Judges worthy of their jobs. Judges that will stand for the laws, not sit down and play passive with major corporations. They should also be independent of any political party and should not be allowed any vested interest in any corporation. They should remain impartial and fair.

10. Congressmen who refused to do their jobs, whether through filibustering or through all out defiance toward the POTUS, would be docked in pay every time they failed to do their job. they would only get three warnings, like any other job, then would be removed from office as incompetent and would be replaced by someone who wanted to do the work. In the real world, this is what happens when people do not do their jobs, It should be also how it is done in WDC.

11. Any spreading hate would be seen as a threat to national security. Why? Because those spreading hate destabilize governments, cause sedition, and destroy the countries they are in. Intolerance would not be tolerated.

Biased “news” agencies would have their licenses revoked. If they were owned by a foreign company, their owners would be forced to leave the country. Any false information would invoke heavy, heavy fines. Continual misinformation would result in closure, and the imprisonment of those who perpetrated the wrongs. As Joe Friday always said on Dragnet, “The facts, Ma’am, Just the facts.

12. Political ads. No more negative ads. Stick with the issues, not what the opponent has or has not done. Also. I would end the super PACs. I would remove the corporate-political connection. Fair playing field for all. Honesty would have to take precedence over playing dirty. No one could run on the backing of someone wanting to influence change for any selfish reasons. donations would be fine, but not the pooling of money for corporate agendas.

13. I would fight to overturn Citizens United. I was not invited to be a part because I am not classed by its creators as a citizen (I do not have billions/millions of dollars, therefore am not classified as a citizen in the traditional Roman* way. It is not in the best interest of any average US citizen, it does not fight to lessen the taxation on the lesser citizens, it is for corporate greed alone. It benefits no one.

14. I believe in fair taxation for all. This means that all, not just the majority, would be expected to pay their share. Want a balanced Federal Government? pay your taxes, rich people. (And corporations)

15. I would press for ethics reform, making it harder for corruption to take root in the hearts and minds of our leaders. any who have vested interests in any corporation would be banned from running for office. It is a conflict of interest.

Several laws would be changed as well. No more open carry. No concealed carry unless you had proper training. Anyone who feels they need to carry a gun when they leave home to go to the store has a problem. Maybe they need a shrink to work that fear out. No one should fear leaving home so much that they need to carry a gun. I don’t. If someone is going to shoot me, they won’t necessarily do it fair and square. Maybe fairly sudden and squarely in the back, but not face-to-face…or even at a range I will be able to see them from.

Gun control does not equal confiscation of all guns. It means enforcing responsible actions to ensure that there is a fair amount of safety whenever a gun is bought or sold. It means making sure the person that is buying the gun is mentally stable. It means ensuring that they don’t have a criminal record. And it also means ensuring that they are a responsible person.

I am all for others owning guns. I just don’t want to go to the store and see a semi-automatic strapped to another shopper’s back. I also do not want to go outside one morning and become target practice for my neighbor who just happened to slip a cog or go off the deep end. This is what gun control is to me. Common sense. Knowing that even if you are packing, you won’t always see the person who shoots you. Hell. Maybe they won’t shoot you. Maybe they decide to run you over.

Quit trying to relive the old west. Quit trying to be John Wayne. The old west is gone. John Wayne was the only one who could be John Wayne. Grow up. Get a life. Realize that carrying a gun actually makes you a target. It makes you just as bad as those you see as hoodlums or thugs. You have become the thug.

To the religious right. Enough already. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that the only reason you want Biblical Law is because you get off on forcing your views onto others. You are less concerned about Christian living and more concerned about appearance. Get over yourselves. If you were half as Christian as you try to make people believe, then you would not be so full of hate. You would not Judge. You would not condemn. You would not be preaching the death of anyone.

If you were as Christian as you claim, you would not be oppressing the poor. You would not be seeing the world in black or white. You would see all, even that gay man you love to hate, as your neighbor and brother. You would stop your hypocrisy and begin a life of humility. And your leaders would not be charlatans and shysters. They would be fine moral examples of Christian living, not rich, money-grubbing, media whores who will “pray” for anyone for the viewers’ hard earned money. And they definitely would not involve themselves in political doings.

I would, if ever put into an office, be tempted to fine any religious entity heavily for such foolishness as I have witnessed online. Yes, I would be going after the Pat Robertsons of the religious community and any other preaching hate or sedition toward the government.

Though I am a Christian myself, I do not see these hate mongers or seditious leaders as my equals, or even as my peers. They are not even close to being in the same league with me. Hate has no place in the heart of a Christian.


People, above you see the platform I would be running on if I were to run for a political office. Being an Independent, I would have to switch allegiance and go Democrat, even though I do not agree fully with their philosophy. Perhaps I am a bit radical, but I have only put what I see needs to be fixed. And I am not the only one who sees this as needed. Many others do too.

Do I want to run? No. Will I? If others want me to, yes. I hate politics. I hate the games they play. The corruption. The lies and innuendo. The utter stupidity that has gripped those we deign (but should refrain from) calling competent leaders.

Call me chicken, but I do not like being in a position of authority any higher than parent. Or business owner…if I ever make it that far. But at the same time, I also hate to see a whole population of citizens go about misinformed, underpaid, and turned against one another by those who would have you think that they are out for your common good.

I know my history. I know my law. I also know what the constitution does and does not say. And what some pass off as constitutional content is just not how it is written or meant.

I also know what isn’t working in business. The policy of greed is killing American business. Why else would successful car manufacturing businesses fail? (No, it had nothing to do with the consumer) With multi-million salaries at the top, and near slave wages at the bottom, and crappy turnout on products due to shipping everything overseas so that they could have cheaper labor, it is no wonder.

Traditional business ethics is failing. Why? because modern businesses have no ethics. I know that no person is worth 4.5 million a year. No one is worth 1 million a year. No, not even pro athletes. This means that all those CEOs and top management staffers making millions are overpaid and underqualified. Meanwhile, the labor is underpaid and overqualified. Sadly, though, business classes do not teach actual responsible business practices. If they did, all businesses would pay a flat salary for all.

I know. I have stated this before, but here is my reasoning. If you take a quarter of a business’s earnings and use that as a flat salary for all, giving all the same pay despite their age, gender, title, or ethnicity then you would be able to pour one fourth into research and development, one fourth as taxes and expenditures, and the final fourth would be applied to upkeep and updating. Keeping ahead in the business so to speak.

But, those at the top of the business seem to think that just because their company is making a HUGE profit, that gives them the right to raise their salaries to ungodly levels. Then, they wonder why their company is suffering a money drain. And they never look at themselves. Always at the bottom.

I would promote change in this area, if I was ever asked to take an office. I would try to reform business as much as I would try to reform politics.