Dumb People

Recently, the news has been full of needless deaths due to what I call Dumb People. Why do I call it this? I will get to that in a little while. But for now, Let’s just say that we do not live in the wild west anymore.

I grew up in a strict “Conservative” “Christian” home. For most of my childhood, I was subjected to cultish religious psychobabble. By this, I mean that we lived by the strict adherence to “Biblical” law. This included the Jewish Holy Days as well as the ten commandments, the ruling the home with an iron fist, the harsh-almost Puritanical-view that we were in the end times. It was a rigid upbringing bordering on child abuse in the name of “belief”. Unbending. Unaccepting. We (by we, I mean everyone but myself) felt we were the chosen ones, the elect, the only “true” Christians.

I grew to realize that there was nothing remotely Christian about adhering to the Law. Or even with forcing anyone else to capitulate and change immediately to become a part of any group. That was not ever a mandate. In fact, the NT authors all make mention that physical deeds (following the Law, etc.) means nothing where salvation is concerned. We are saved by Grace, not deeds. Grace, people.

There is no mandate to set up any theocracy. In fact, we-as Christians-are expected to live among the world, not separate from it. We are not to cause any to fear us. We are not to hate. We are not to fall to greed–whether it be for money or for power. We are to care about our fellow human beings. Especially the poor, elderly, ill, and incarcerated…not to mention those who are unbelievers. But we aren’t to march against everyone as if they are sinners. Even though they may be, so are we. And we should keep that in mind before we get all morally superior to anyone. The reason? Because, when you raise yourself above any other, you are sinning more than the person you look down upon.

Ok. To the comment I made at the beginning. What did I mean about Dumb People? My father, being the dutiful Republican, was a gunsmith. Actually, he made black powder guns. He was always careful to preach gun safety, but never one to practice it. I have a low opinion of any gun nut who thinks they should have a right to carry a gun, concealed or open-carry, in public. To me, this is a sign that one is a coward.

Though guns don’t kill, Dumb People do. And recently, several Dumb People have caused their own deaths. Any who have children should have enough brains to keep guns, if they own them, out of the reach of their children. But, apparently, there are a growing number of Dumb People who have no common sense and have made it too easy for a toddler to get into their purses, or reach out (you never leave guns out on counters or tables where a child can reach them) and pick the guns up.

Are we so brain dead that we think we have to carry everywhere? I do not see open carry as a patriotic right. I actually do not see concealed carry as this either. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hate guns. Nor am I wanting to take anyone’s guns from them. What I question is the sanity of those who believe that they have these as rights.

I am also for background checks and mental competency tests. I do not want a crazed neighbor, who was a felon and/or has a screw (or three) loose walking out one day-while I am dragging my trash can back to my house-and deciding to blow me away for no reason whatsoever. I also want to slow the senseless violence down. To me this is just common sense. I am not wanting to take away anyone’s “rights”. I just want to keep my right to life from being revoked because a gun got in the hands of some crazed lunatic.

I am not wanting to take away anyone’s desire to go hunting. Hell. I like venison as much as any other meat eater. I love duck and goose as well. I just don’t want to be the one being hunted.

So I return to these people I have called Dumb People. These are the ones screaming about having their “rights” taken away with any attempt to place gun control. If they are crazy, then they have a reason to be fussing. If not, allow some sort of gun control to be passed. If the NRA wants to prove that they want their members to be “responsible” gun owners, maybe they should sit down with those seeking gun control and draft a bill that they-and the rest of us who are concerned about our safety- can be happy with. But wait! That would be too simple! Never mind that there are deaths happening on a nearly daily basis because of irresponsible Gun-rights nuts who haven’t got enough brains to figure out that you do not do certain things.

If they are so scared of something happening that they have to take a gun with them, maybe they ought to: 1. stay home
or better yet 2. Go to a psychiatrist and get something for their paranoid schizophrenia.

My point is that if something is going to happen to you, having a gun with you is not going to stop it. Carrying rifles in a store will only cause other customers nervous. And not setting the safety and locking it on the handgun in your purse (which having a gun in your purse is crazy to begin with) is just plain STOOPID. (misspelling intended) Only idiots carry a gun that is not properly set and locked. Of course, it is my opinion that only idiots think they have to carry a gun anyway.

You can be a gun enthusiast, but keep it at the shooting range. I learned early that there is a time and a place for guns. The time is not while you are out shopping. And the place is not in a shopping center. The time and place are at the shooting range while practicing. Or out hunting.

So. As the deaths continue to mount due to Dumb People, I guess there is only one thing we can do. We are left with nothing more than to sit back and wonder just how it came down to this: People so crazy afraid that they think they have to be dumb enough to add to the problem of guns on the streets. It makes no sense to me.

Neither does bigotry. With the new study that just came out, we have been shown that those who hate blacks actually hate themselves too. There are no pure whites in this country. Not one. All have a tinge of “blackness” in their blood. Time to get over the damned Civil War, and who lost, and get on with being a damned country. Time to quit looking at color. Or creed. Or sexual preference. Or whatever you might be looking at.

Time to realize that there is only ONE race: the human race. (this is for the Christians) And God made us all. There are not several races, just one. we all originated from Adam (which means Red Mud, not white man)and we all bleed red blood, cry clear tears, and have white teeth and bones (except me and I have dentures…which I don’t wear). The point is, quit all this hate. It is unbecoming of supposedly civilized men and women. So is your treatment of the poor, the ill, the handicapped, the widowed, the orphaned, the incarcerated, and the stranger. Grow up, America! For Christ’s sake! Get over yourselves already! White ain’t right, and black ain’t bad. Rich ain’t the best, and poor aren’t lazy. If anything, those rich idiots who think the poor are lazy are actually the lazy ones. Tell me: who checks you out when you go to the store? Who serves you in a restaurant? who actually does the work in your factories? And by work, I do not mean sitting behind a desk. I mean actually being down on the line making your company’s products. It ain’t you. It is people like me> Poor people. People being paid minimum for maximum work. And you think this is fair? I don’t. Civilized, My ass. Lazy, my foot. Get real.


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    1. Thank you for the comments. As you can see, I am becoming very alarmed at the rise in shooting deaths. It has risen steadily since the rise in states with “open-carry” and “concealed-carry” laws, making it easier to carry a gun anywhere. I thought we had gone past this kind of thing, but apparently not. If they have to have a gun to go outside, they should just stay home. they present a danger to themselves and everyone else.

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