A List Of My Actual Goals For The New Year

So this is 2015. Weird. Feels almost like last year. Same sense of urgency. Same sense of frustration. Just new number. But that is life.

Anyway, I thought you might actually enjoy my plan of action for this year, so here is.

1. I have a tone of stories to publish. Well, maybe not a ton, but you get the idea. This means I will be pretty busy publishing a story a month until everything is online. Of course, the shorts will be collected and put out as anthologies when I am done.

2. To get my business up and running, even if it means doing it one division at a time. I am so tired of this waiting. I am getting old just waiting.

3. To finish out all the serials I have going.

4. To finally get my girlfriend home.

5. to take over all the responsibilities for the house I live in.

6. To help as many people as possible in as short amount of time as possible.

7. To continue fighting against ignorance. Nothing bothers me more than a bunch of willfully ignorant people claiming that they have all the answers.

8. To finally know what success feels like. After thirteen years, or more, it is time. No more working for others or settling for what is available. Time to rise above the standing I was born at and show the world how it’s done.

9. To educate as many rich people on the realities of poverty and who is really responsible for it.

10. To prevent the religious right (I do not call them Christian, because how can you call those who do not live by Christian mandates “Christian”? They are religious, not Christian.) from enforcing Biblical law or a theocracy upon us. The last thing we need is our country to be reduced to the equivalent of Iran or Afghanistan just because we have a bunch of religious junkies who can’t seem to accept the reality that they aren’t what they claim.


OK, so maybe I won’t be able to actually do the last one on my own. I have nothing against religion, except that religion s manmade and does not take faith to believe in. Faith, on the other hand, makes you walk out on the limb (figuratively) and trust that something or someone greater is there to guide you. Call it chance, destiny, or God. Or even the Big Nothing.

I do have a few objections to theocracies, especially since every religious leader who gains power is as big a nepotist as any leader in any other form of government. And I do not believe in ethnic cleansings or religious slaughter in the name of any deity. I am sorry, but that is not what Christians are called to do. We aren’t called to be anyone’s conscience. We aren’t called to “save” anyone or convert anyone. We are called to set an example.

The only example that those calling themselves Christians have set is how to hate and mistreat those who are different. How is this exemplifying Christ? How is breaking the “love” commandments(Love your neighbor, Love your brother, Love your enemy) showing anyone that you believe in Christ? It doesn’t. It shows the world the exact opposite…that you don’t believe what you claim to. No wonder the world hates Christians! Because they see Christians hating everyone else!

Anyway, sorry about the rant. But we have to be vigilant. We have crazies going into office who want nothing more than to put this country on its knees. And we voted them all in. We are discouraged with the performance of Congress, but yet we do the exact opposite of what it takes to fix the problem. Congrats, people.