When Dealing With An Experiment…

This is meant as a disclaimer for the next story I post. I don’t believe the philosophy expressed, but I wanted to set a mood. I was pondering the deepest, darkest, most dire position mankind could ever end up in. For my Christian readers, this may seem sacrilegious and even heretical. It is meant to sound that way. For my Atheist readers, it may sound a bit like tripe and overtly religious. Ignore it if it bothers you too much. Or simply take it as it was meant to be, a dark fantasy with entertainment value.

You might say that it is an experimental morality tale, though not meant to be preachy or overtly religious. Based on past and current observations within a single community, it is the culmination of personal disgust and utter rejection of the popular views now held within that community.

Dear reader, please see it as it was meant to be. A Story. Nothing more.