Nite Nite, Gracie…

Ok, I gave you the rest of “Twenty- Five”, so I think it is time-after Doing the next installment of “Badlands”-to call it quits for the night. my sight is blurring and my eyes crossing. I was going to do a short experimental piece I had started, but have decided to leave it until tomorrow…along with another installment of “Badlands”. So far, I have written four episodes of the Badlands saga, and have three or four left. I may return to writing The Hell Patrol saga shortly as well. Just haven’t decided.

I am definitely going to return to Angel Of Death and finish that story. I have some research to do before I finish any of the other stories in the Saints & Sinners saga. but, I have them all planned out…sort of.

As George Burns used to say at the end of his radio show, “Say good Night, Gracie.”

Good Night, Gracie. *Chuckles to myself*

Now there is a task for those too young to remember the golden age of radio. find and listen to as many old time radio programs as you can find. That is where I learned to use my imagination. happy Hunting…