Twenty-Five Days Of Christmas: A Christmas Tale, Chapter Nineteen

After clean-up. I took my bag of goodies and made my rounds. I stopped at each apartment and dropped off presents for all in each family. When I ran out in one bag, I returned to the storeroom and filled it back up and went with a new bag to the next apartments. After at least a hundred bags of goodies, I finished my rounds.

I returned to the storeroom and picked up the ring I had stashed there for Margot. I knew she would be surprised. I had been holding it back for over a month, and now I was presenting it to her. I felt like a million bucks.

Still in my Santa suit, I made my way to our apartment. The halls seemed unusually empty, but it was Christmas Eve and all were in bed by now. All but me. And the sentries that had been posted as security.

Most who’d opted for security detail were mech-tech warriors or cyborgs, neither of which were capable of having families due to their enhancements. I felt bad for them. They had been stripped, in most cases, of their manhood or womanhood. Many no longer had the internal organs that allowed such. Or even resembled either gender, post operation. They were neutrals.

In many cases, they had even been deprived of their ability to enjoy life. Their purpose had become a singular one: to wage war. The mental capacity to feel emotion, retain any memory other than directive, or experience humanness had been completely obliterated by the machinations that had become a part of them. Their reason for being born, negated by their corporate sponsor’s wish for the perfect soldier. But even these were not as perfect as their makers thought.

What little humanity they had left, gave them the power to reason right versus wrong. And it made them prone to mutiny under the right conditions. This had made both obsolete and had driven the corporations to create the robo-warriors, in all their evil forms. But even the robo-warriors had their limitations. Faulty programming. Faulty construction. Human interface of any kind made them just as faulty as the cyber-men had proven to be.

I couldn’t help wondering what would become of these relics once the war was over. Would they remain and help us set up our new government? Would they leave and give earth over fully to mankind? Or would they request executions through being deprogrammed and shutdown?

I continued to ponder this as I walked to the apartment where Margot waited for me. It would have to be answered soon. But I was not the one who had to answer. They would have to. I wanted it to be their wish, not mine or anyone else’s.

I arrived at the apartment door and it swung open, Margot falling into my arms. “Oh, Santa, baby! Kiss your loving elf!”

I kissed her lips, slipping my arms around her waist. “Mmmm. I have a present for you, baby.”

She grinned as she kept her lips pressed against mine. “Mmmm. You mean unwrapping you isn’t my present?” She tried to feign disappointment. “Now, baby. I have waited all day for you. What can be better than getting naked with you and sharing the rest of the night together?”

I smiled back at her and pulled away gently. “I have a very special present for you. Santa just delivered it, and it means a whole lot to both of us. It signifies something important.” I reached into the coat to the pocket of my shirt where I had stashed her present and produced the package, handing it to her. “Open it, my love.”

She took it and greedily unwrapped it. Opening the small box beneath the wrapping, she released an audible gasp of surprise. she looked over at me. “For me?” She inquired knowing full well that it was, but unable to come up with anything else appropriate to say.

I chuckled. “Yes, my love. It is for you. I have been waiting for this night so I could surprise you with it. and almost on our one month anniversary too. Want me to place it on your finger?”

She was ecstatic. “Yes! But how’d you know? Ring size, I mean.”

I smiled. “My cyber-eye has more functions than simply judging distance and seeing targets, baby. I can also gauge size of objects, in this instance–your ring size.” I took the ring from her and slipped it onto her ring finger.

She smiled “It’s beautiful! Just gorgeous! Baby, however can I thank you?”

I took her in my arms. “Don’t worry about it. You are the only gift I need. You make my life complete in so many ways. The ring just lets all know that we are a couple. I produced a second ring and handed it to her. “This is the ring that goes with it. A sort of wedding set. That one is yours and this one is mine. Would you do the honors?”

She took the ring with a squeal and slipped it onto my finger. Now, all would know our joy. I kissed her on the lips, a long passionate kiss.

I pulled my lips away. “Now, baby. About that unwrapping party. Are you ready?

She smiled seductively. “Of course, my love.”

I grinned, excited. “Then let’s get to it, shall we?”

She playfully grabbed the lapel of my coat and led me to our bedroom. “Of course, Darling.”


a couple hours later, we lay drifting off to sleep. It had been an amazing day. Tomorrow was going to be even better. I knew it.

I drifted off into dreams of what the future held. For Margot and I, it would lead to our first child, our first years as husband and wife, and as the first leaders of a brave new world beyond the bleak one we now lived in. for others, things were still in limbo. The only certainty was that all were headed for a future free of fear and oppression. All were headed for better things.


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