I Love Happy Endings…

Ok, so I am not to the end yet. But I have just given a happy ending to a very complicated and bad situation in the story. But I am not done! Really!

Moving on to the next item in my list of happys. I am now happy about the new cover for The Faust Syndrome. A dear friend and fellow writer, Rhoda D’Ettore, created the new cover after reading and reviewing it! 10872480_10203466762934661_1341305353_n

Awesome, Isn’t it?

Now I need to redo the covers for Mexican Radio I and II and acquire at least five covers to go with the first five episodes of The Hell Patrol saga…which is to have thirteen or more episodes that span from the very beginning of the story (Fall Of The Proud/Dark Fall) to the very end of the story (Redemption). After these are released, then I will begin with Angel Of Death and the rest of the Saints & Sinners saga.