Busy, Busy, Busy

I spent all morning struggling with my email. Who knew that a simple task like reading one’s email could be so difficult? Not I. I felt it should be easy.

But Yoohoo, being true to form, has been giving me tons of problems. So, what I had planned for this morning never got done. by the time I was able to read a few of my emails, I was finishing a quick lunch of homemade bbq beef sandwiches and getting ready to head out the door for my afternoon run.

When I got home, I had to check a couple of fuses, then run to town to send some money (gotta spend money to make money) to secure a business deal. Now I am broke (again) and hoping that this deal doesn’t fall through.

All this delayed me in writing anything more on my story…until a little while ago. Hope you are enjoying my Christmas story. I know I have fun writing on it when I get the chance.