One Last Thought For The Night

Long have I walked through the fires of Hell

Struggling to make right the wrongs I have done

Fighting to help those who ask it of me

As I struggle for my own identity.

Long Have I atoned for sins not mine

Standing accused of crimes I have not committed

Being judged for the actions of others

And condemned through mere association.

Long have I prayed for hope

Sought forgiveness for things not done

Begged for an end when none was in sight

Only to find my Hell still remains.

Long have I longed for peace

And a touch of prosperity-

An end to this poverty

Which consumes me like a fiery lion.

Long have I watched as paradise

Has been bought and sold

Like so much rice

To sate the greed of the few.

Enough! I have witnessed too much!

No more! We have but one life

One planet, one race!


Too much death has filled my eyes

Too many lies have filled my ears

Too much hate has been forced upon my heart

Too much of all for my poor soul to take!

Enough! I have had enough!

No more prostituting the daughters of man!

No more perversions of Faith!

No more from the prophets of greed!

Enough of it all!

Take this life, for you have tainted it

With all your hate and lies!

Enough, I say!

The time has come

To turn away from the progeny of doom

The time has come

To turn away from the priests of greed and hate.

Young man, turn away from the hopelessness they send you

Turn away from the temptation of their idols

Greed, violence, hate, envy, hopelessness, ignorance–

And turn again to wisdom which only knowledge and experience can give.


6 thoughts on “One Last Thought For The Night

  1. thanks. though I am not happy with how my lines were all spaced (I hate the new editor here on wp) where I didn’t want them spaced, and not spaced where I had spaced, the effect was good enough, I guess.

    I am the thinker’s poet. The philosopher’s philosopher. I hope, too, that I am visionary enough to speak to all without assuming too much.

    1. I tend to view the world a bit different than the mainstream. Remove wealth, the draw of wealth, or the corruptible force of money and man is but an insecure creature grasping for meaning and validation. When monetary greed is added, that is how the masses define themselves. Even those who will never attain wealth.

      I watched my dad vainly struggle to rise above his “lack” to become something he could never bring himself to become: free of worry through having “just enough”. He failed to see that wealth, true wealth, is not measured in how much you own. It is measured in how much you have learned and turned into working wisdom. I have known many “rich” men who were poor in wisdom. Sure, they were adept in making money, but they had no social skills and very little love for their fellow man. Wisdom drives us to be better, not filthy rich with money.

      As you see, I am a philosopher. I seek what others do not. I find what others neglect. I cultivate what others deem intellectual weeds.

  2. Turn again to wisdom which only knowledge and experience can give. It’s where you end up not how you got there. Sure it takes a lot bs to get through but who knows better than you. When life gives you lemons write a book.
    As always The Professional Cannon

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