A Recap for the Year: My Books

From now until just before Christmas, I am going to repost the links to my books. I know that my first three books are a tad expensive, so forgive the pricing. My first novella, which started as a novel with over 300 pages, was “The Price Of Lust: Book One Of Faces In The Crowd“. It is the first book written, not the actual beginning of the story. But even at that, the original concept was to write a series that you could read in any order. They were to be connected, but independent. Each character was to be connected, in some way, to Maggie…who is the main character, and tragically so, of “Price”. But, then, I had intended most of the characters to be tragic. This was never meant to be a beautiful or happy story. But, the reader can always look at this book however they desire.

Yes, you will find that I nod to Edgar Allan Poe in the last name of my main character. I even allude to his own fictional family. I guess it was too tempting. After all, he was always one of my greatest influences. But I also tried to add touches of Hawthorne, Hemingway, Steinbeck, and every other author I picked up that wrote stark and dark stories. Or had a tale to tell.