Few know
Few care
About the hell
So many suffer
That can be

Few understand
Few have experienced
The horrors of
Being controlled
By those who should care
But don’t.

When the adult
Only thinks of what they will lose
But not of what will be gained
They simply forget
That children leave sooner or later anyway.

But some do not seem to care.
They think of a child
Simply as a check
Extra food stamps
Slave labor
And possible other income.

Never mind that all this
Is wrong
Possibly illegal
And definitely immoral

The adult only thinks
Of their own selfish pleasures
Their own selfish losses
Their own selfish desires
Never the child.

But those who desire to help
Are made into threats
Of the adult in the wrong
By paranoid delusions
That have driven
The adult to separate themselves
And their progeny
From those who truly care.

It has drawn upon time for them to stop
Yet they still persist
In their enslavement
Of their grown child.

18 is time to let go.