As Nero Fiddled…

Our Republic is burning
Our souls now seared
Our nation is now crumbling
under tyranny

We have wasted our time
Our resources
Our minds
Our hearts

Upon all the false promises
And the lies they have sold
Telling us that all that is
Really isn’t

Our priests have turned away from the light
Choosing instead the darkness
Because it is there where wealth untold lies
But the curse remains

Our priest damn our souls
Because we aren’t rich enough
White enough
Straight enough
Pure enough

Our priests are blind
Our elders are blind
Our souls they now desire

And our leaders
What of them?
Do they truly lead?
Or are they simply puppets?

No, they are now the slaves
Bought and paid for
Of those who have money to buy
Representation out from under the citizens.

And our teachers
What of them?
What of that great refuge we called education?
Will it still remain?

No, I say
Because even that has become viewed as a marketable commodity
With which they try to stem the tide of learning
In order that they might have slaves

While only their children may learn
How to be rich, lazy, and cruel
As they destroy a once proud and strong nation
so that those who come after have nothing but destruction.

Oh, how long will the people turn a blind eye?
How long will they allow others to tell them
How they should vote?
How long will they remain blind?

Yes, How long will they remain blind
To the fact that those who promise them lower taxes
Lie to them
And only mean that the privileged will have those lowered taxes?

How long will the poor remain blindly loyal
To those who swiftly betray them to cruel masters
In the name of less government
and no restrictions?

Why must they remain sheep
Being ever led to the slaughter
By ignorance and hate
Pointed more at them than at any other?

How long will they soundly ignore
The contempt or the rich
While struggling against the bonds
Of the slavery that has been thrust upon them?

When will they thrust off their chains
Demand equality
Rising up to challenge the mighty
And reclaim their birthright?

When will they look beyond color
To see that we are all one race
On people
Bound in a common struggle

A struggle against the same oppressors
The same demons
The same shame
The same slavery?

When will we rise up?
When will we close our ears to the lies of the rich?
To the lies of the Corporate Kings?
And open them to the truth?

Our country is dying
We have leaders who refuse to lead
Corporations determine to destroy all that is right and good
and yet, we allow color, creed, and sexual orientation to divide us

Yes, we allow hate
To rip our United States apart
We allow lies to tear us apart.

Listen to the voices of the past!
We are no more pure than the water in the muddiest river!
And yet, many refuse the truth!

We are all black
We are all brown
We are all yellow
We are all olive
We are all white

We are all one
Just as faith is one
Hope is one
truth is one

The truth does not divide
It does not cause confusion
It does not create hate
It does not cause violence

Only Ignorant lies
cause all these things
And strife
And enslaves all men

But the truth sets all free
Once they realize all
And let go of all
And walk in faith

But now, as our leaders stall on change
We are forced to see how Rome did panic
As large portions of it burned
And as Nero fiddled

For we watch helplessly as unrest
Police corruption
Corporate corruption
Political incompetence

As these things
Fed by hate
Fueled by willing ignorance
Now hastens us to our collapse.