Possible Good News

It’s amazing how a little good news can pretty much blow you out of the water. I mean, I received a call from my consultant who I had not expected a call from. Out of the blue! I know, that is little more than a simple surprise.

But it wasn’t so much his calling me that knocked me off course. It was the content. But first, I guess you are wondering what exactly a consultant is. Well, I will try to describe as best as I can.

The easiest way to describe a consultant is to say that he is sort of like a manager or agent. Except, he isn’t really either one. Yes, he does basically the same kind of work, promoting you to directors, producers, film companies, investors, and so on. He does the foot work for you. He advises you on career moves, gets you small acting parts, consults with a film company on your abilities, or gets the pertinent papers for music licenses and so on.

Now for what the news was. It was actually a couple of things. First, He has renewed a very important contract that just may catch me the break I have been waiting for as a writer. I could be selling movie rights to some of my stories very soon. I hope.

Secondly, He has an investor he has begun working with. This might also be an answer to my prayers, since I am looking for investors to help with building my business or finish/start projects. So now, I will be waiting on a phone call to talk with the guy.

And this has all but knocked my muse off her pedestal. In other words, the chapter I was working on will have to wait until tomorrow. Let’s all cross our fingers, pray to whatever god we might pray to, and hope for the best. Shall we?