What Bothers Me…

There are several things that bother me. Odd as it may be, They all have to do with history and other people’s lack of interest in it. As a writer, I am supposed to give the reader an accurate look at history, even in science fiction. Few readers realize that history is used as a basis in many forms of science fiction, fantasy, and fiction in general. Star Wars was compared to a western that took place in space. Any who understand westerns know that they are 80% history, 10% tall tale, and 10% fiction. I do not usually make lists, but this is an exception.

1. It bothers me when someone says “You lost me when you claimed Christ was a real person”. Both archeologists and historians basically agree that Jesus Christ did exist. It is just that no one can agree whether he was who the Bible states or whether he was of some sect that existed in his time. For someone to say that they do not believe that he existed is like someone saying that they do not believe that history is substantiated by proof.

2. It bothers me when someone claims that the Native Americans have no claim to the land because “They are/were savages. No grouping of people have been more savage than the Indo-European ethnic groups. this takes in Germans, British, French, Welsh, Italian, Spanish, and all who inhabit Europe and The Caucasus regions. They have invaded, destroyed, polluted, perverted, and lied their way into everything. They have killed more people in the name of religion than any other grouping. They have also been the largest group of peoples who have subjugated and enslaved people in the name of profit in the entire world. To call a people who are closer to the earth than they are savage is a misnomer. those closest to the land understand that you must give back to the earth something when you take from it are more civilized than those who simply take without regard for the future.

3. those who deny that history will repeat itself if not learned from are already repeating history. Ignorance has been such a key in the world’s history that some many have made the same mistakes as those who came before them. Many empires fell when they began to ignore the poor or blame them for the state of the empire. The poor have no bearing on a country or kingdom until the country or kingdom starts abusing and trying to get rid of them. Also. when are we ever going to learn that war solves nothing? Not one war in history has solved any problem. While it is true that some have stopped madmen, they really did not solve the problems or mindsets that spawned those madmen.

Yes, People, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Those who pervert history for their own use, are doomed to die forgotten or will go down as tyrants. We currently have leaders who haven’t a single clue. And those who do are far outnumbered by those who don’t. They have all misquoted history to suit their desires. And this “Citizens United” deal? Can you say “New Rome”?

In the late BCE and early CE, the wealthy elite in the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic were the only ones who could afford a citizenship. This meant that only the Rich and powerful had a say in the Roman Senate. This meant the average Roman citizen was seen on equal terms as the poor, destitute, and the slave. Unimportant. Useless as anything but cheap labor.

We have in America, a handful of “Citizens” who believe themselves to be more important than the rest of the masses. In the viewpoint of our forefathers, they are so far off base that it isn’t funny.

4. Those who say that our laws were based off the Bible. Nothing about our government was Biblically based. The strange thing of it is, the Native Americans and many other societies had-or still have-those same laws but have never, until recent centuries, come into contact with the Judeo-Christian Bible. Are these Bible waving people going to tell me that the pre-European Dakota/Lakota (who, by the way, also had strict anti-rape laws before the white man ever came to the Americas) based their laws against murder, stealing, and so on off the Bible which they had never been in contact with (barring their supposed contact that the Mormons claim)? Are they going to tell me that Hammurabi, who existed before the Bible was written (and whom history has also proven to exist) based his codex of laws off the Bible–which didn’t exist in his time? Or the Egyptians? Or the Persians? Or the Greeks? Or the pre-Christian Romans?

Our country’s laws have been held since time immemorial. By Peoples who had never known the Bible. They are common sense laws. Ones that have always been a part of the social fabric. It has been held by every civilization that has risen and fallen over millennia. Stop saying that they are strictly Biblical. They aren’t.

5. Those who wave the Bible, pointing to two or three verses and claim that is a reason to hate a group of people. First of all. Get your definitions correct. Webster’s makes plain that the original Latin word as follows: to shrink back from, shudder; bristle, tremble. So, the original word did not mean to hate. besides. your scriptures are about an action in your own life, not in the lives of those around you. But I am getting away from my point. My Point is this: for every scripture you use to justify your hate, there are literally hundreds or thousands that strip you of that self-justification.

6. Racism. A non-point. There is only one real race. The Human race. Ethnic hate has no place in the human heart. We are all the same. We bleed red blood, we all have joys. We all have sorrows. We all dream. We all aspire to some form of greatness.

7. People who claim to be pure. Come on, now. History does not support a pure ethnicity anywhere. From the time of the first rival empires, bloods have been mixed. Every Empire that has taken over another has mingled and intermarried into the conquered. Every group that raided Europe also mingled with the ethnic groups there. The so-called Aryans were no blond haired blue eyed super race. They were a black haired, brown eyed tribe who vanished into obscurity due to intermarriage. It is quite possible that they were absorbed by the Huns and Goths. Of course there are some historians who even dispute the idea that they were anything more than a part of the Huns. Since I read a lot of history, I tend to go with the general consensus and think of them as a group that briefly appeared, then disappeared. Sort of like the Ostro Goths, Visi Goths, Huns, Celts (though they are still there in the form of the Irish, Scottish, and Welsh), the Alani, the Avar, the Magyar, the Vandals, and even the separate Germanic tribes and the Vikings.

I also tend to believe, due to much research and comparison, that many of our least honorable traits are due to the Roman influence. We must remember that Rome had conquered nearly all of the known world of their time. their empire stretched from Mauritania in Africa to Arabia and Persia, and from the steppes of Russia to the British Isles. This is a huge piece of real estate. They raped and pillaged, as the conquerors, every land that they conquered. Afterward, they intermarried. And their progeny spread throughout the empire, mixing with others. they had an oversized view of themselves, thinking themselves superior to the rest of their subjects, often referring to their subjects as barbarians, savages, etc. when in actuality, they were the true savages, the real barbarians.

In this country’s history, we mixed freely-and oft times, barbarically-with those we came into contact with. We subjugated the Natives. Enslaved the Africans. And raped both. We brought the black to this land, just as we brought the Chinese. How dare we say that they do not belong here, when it was their labors that built this country? How dare we omit the Natives from the citizenry when they were here long before we were? And to those in the south, and elsewhere, Your blood is no more pure than mud is pure water. Your family trees are rife with first-name-only women. These ladies, my friends, according to genealogists, were one of two types. 1) women of African descent, not given a last name due to family “shame”. Family honor should have dictated that one was willing to teach his children the meaning of hard work. This would have meant that he would have removed himself from the trap that was being a slave owner, and got off his lazy ass and actually did his own work. But too many rich southerners thought they had earned the right to enslave whites and black alike for their own profit, raping women because they were “possessions” and not looking at each and every person as a person. Or 2) these ladies were of Native American descent, which also went without a last name due to family “shame” issues.

It amazes me how many people have been “Ashamed” to find out their lineage, when it really does not matter. Shame is only a product of a weak mind and an ignorant point of view. As the old saying goes: Ignorance begets fear, Fear hate, Hate begets violence. And, indeed, this is true. We are still suffering for our ignorance and fear. Ignorance and fear spread by those who have something to gain in keeping the masses ignorant and fearful. And who would profit by our fear and ignorance? Those who hold the power.

8. The renewed attack on women’s rights. No, I am not a feminist. I am simply a pragmatist. A forward thinker. Without women, us men would not exist. It is their labors that bring us forth. I have yet to see a man impregnate himself and give birth. You want to be asses? Ok. But be asses to one another, not to women.

I am a firm believer that “no” means no. Drunk means keep hands off. And that the woman is the only one who has a right to decide what to do with her body. Fellas, they aren’t a hunk of meat. Nor are they your damn possessions. You do not own them. You do not hit them, no matter how mad you get. Learn to control yourself. I still believe, despite what a minority of men are now voicing (as well as a minority of women), that there is still a such thing as rape and that it is still WRONG. There are still norms and mores in this society that bear witness to our evils and are still true, no matter how ancient and outdated we may think they are. Anything done by force is still WRONG. If any one of those who think otherwise had ever went through such an ordeal, and for the men, I know several “Bubbas” who would be more than happy to make an example of you, no one would be attacking the moral laws that govern such a thing.

9.For our “religious” leaders: Get the FUCK off you high horse. To quote scripture: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” and again, “any man who says ‘I do not sin’, he is a liar.” Are we really willing to travel this path of judgment and condemnation? I Mean, after all it is also said “Judge not, lest you be judged, and condemn not for in whatever judgment you pass, so shall you be judged; and in whatever condemnation you give, so shall it be measured back unto you.” It is ironic that a book on how to love has become so misused as a book to justify hate and violence, greed and gluttony, sloth and envy, as well as a book of fear instead of for what it was written to accomplish.

No wonder Christians are the most hated of all. Mainstreamers can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that they were commanded to love all, not just those who agreed with them. “Love Your Neighbor”, “Love Your Brother”, “Love One Another”, “Love Your Enemy”, “He who says I Love God, But Hates His Brother Is A Liar; For How Can You Hate Your Brother, Whom You Have Seen But Love God Whom You Have Not?” The list of commands to love are endless. Yet, we have a mainstream “Christian” community who love wealth, happiness, and health more than they do their fellow man. Their idea of ministering is to go out to the street corner, or go on the news, and preach against the sins of those who do not believe. Ministering, my dear “Christians”, is serving the needs of others, not preaching to them. And in service, you serve as a positive example, a light if you will, as well as help them with what they need.

10. And finally. My dear, greedy, rich man. You could never buy your way into Heaven. Nor can you quite grasp that all your riches will not save you. Nor can you take it with you. When you are gone, will you really be remembered by those who matter? No, I am not talking about your families. I am talking about the common man. The poor. The ill. The needy. The homeless. The unemployed. Your current employees whom you have never met, and probably are no more than a name at the bottom of their pitiful check. How about those whose rights you trample with your objections to doing your civic duty?

Nothing bothers me more than to read statements by wealthy men who started out poor, but yet attack the people and services that kept them alive when they were poor and struggling. Or some rich man who thinks, erroneously, that you can program weaknesses out of a child or plug them in like a damn computer. Or those who believe that they are the only ones entitled to anything.

Businessmen: you may have named your company and got it started. But the people who built it are the very ones you are firing so that you can hire cheaper labor just simply because you do not want to take a pay cut yourself. A business owner or CEO, and their management staff, are only worth what they believe their labor is worth. If you think you are worth more, then you should not have your job. You, also, do not have any more right to any special legislative powers than the rest of us. Grow up. Become responsible for your actions. accept the repercussions if you do wrong.

You have no right to try and dictate what the rest of us do or do not deserve. Why? Because, ultimately, those are the very things you do or do not deserve as well. You only deserve what you allow others to have. Show no mercy, receive no mercy. Show no compassion, receive no compassion.