A Month Of Thanksgiving: A Thanksgiving Tale, Chapter Twenty-Three

So much had already come to pass. Yet, I felt pity for my field commanders who would not have the element of morning surprise to add to their attacks tomorrow. All operations were to start at 0800 our time, which made it almost midnight or three in the morning in the far east. Everywhere else, the times were scattered. In the Middle east, it was whatever solar time it was. In most of Europe and Africa, it was between the hours of 1 and 4 PM.

This meant that, though we were all basically attacking at the same time, the attacks would all happen pretty much at what seemed to be spontaneously. After this first initial attack, we would stagger times. Midnight. Five in the afternoon. Three in the morning. Noon.

I wanted, desperately, to keep our enemy off guard. I wanted each one to wonder when they were going to be attacked, not if. I knew that the next ones in line would be waiting for an attack to happen at 0800. That meant we either had to hit earlier or later than that.

Our plans had to go without a hitch. If we wanted to surprise them all, we had to do things as they had been planned. One collective attack at a single moment in time. Leaving evidence planted that pointed away from us. keeping our involvement hidden until there wasn’t enough enemy forces to resist us.

Tomorrow, we would free Chicago. The next, Des Moines. Or Indianapolis. Or Madison. Or whatever city we could feasibly get to.

It was odd. Each city had its own prisons. Thousands of them. The ‘excess’ population, the homeless and poor, along with those who rebelled against the city corporate government, were incarcerated here. Many had done nothing more than to have illicit sex, whether it had been banned premarital or extramarital. Or they had disagreed with the corporatized religion. We would have to…

A tap on my shoulder brought me out of my thoughts. I turned to find Margot looking at me thoughtfully. “You are thinking ahead. Probably too far ahead. At ease, soldier. Unless Craig comes up here to interrupt us, you have the night off.”

I smiled uncomfortably. “Sorry, My Love. It’s just that we still have several cities unaccounted for.”

She smiled, reassuringly. “Don’t worry, Soldier. They’ll check in.” She gave me a wink. “C’mon, now and let’s have a little fun.”

I smiled. “Yes. Let’s do. Who knows how long it will be until we have another night like tonight.

She rolled over on top of me and put her lips to mine. Suddenly, I knew that this was going to be a very special night. I gently pulled her down closer to me. I wasn’t going to miss out on a single thing.


I was up at 0400. I dressed quietly and went down to the communications room. Craig saluted without even taking his eyes off the com-board. “Morning, Sir. See you’re up bright and early this morning.”

I looked at him. “At ease. Craig, there is something bothering me.”

Craig looked over at me. “What is it, Sir?”

I smiled, nervously. “Well, there are several cities in the US. I do not remembering making any calls to any of the allies I have in them.”

Craig smiled. “Sir, if I may.”

I looked over at him. “Go ahead.”

He motioned to one of the monitors. “Your wife and I took care of them. We sent your orders out to all your allies as you made them. The taking of the prisons. The tunnels. The emptying of the prisons. the planned joint attack at 0800. we relayed every order to them. Even the one commanding that they go deeper underground so as to vanish from view. It was her idea.”

I looked at him, bewildered. “So–there’s going to be complete and total chaos today as every city across the globe suddenly finds the corporations under attack…?”

He nodded vigorously. “That’s about the size of it.”

I grinned. “Good man. and tell my wife that she did good too when she comes down to begin her shift.”

He grinned up at me. “I will. and Sir?”

I looked over at him. “Yes?”

he stuck out his hand. “Welcome to the family.”

I was bewildered. “What?”

he chuckled. “I know what she told you about our family. What she didn’t say was that Our mother had married twice. Our father, her first husband, died at the hands of the corporations. Our step-father, the one you knew, was also killed by the corporations, but Margot was accused of the death. I exonerated her, but with much difficulty. It is our younger siblings who still blame her for his death. I came to work for you, before your granddaughter sent Margot in, as their mole. I gathered the preliminary information for them. I immediately recognized you from one of our dad’s old pictures…as well as a group photo taken of you and my stepdad.”

I started laughing. “Is there no end of the spies and moles I have to put up with?”

He laughed with me. “Sorry if it was wrong.”

I patted him on the back. “No, it wasn’t wrong. I am glad you all are here. And I am glad you and Margot contacted the grapevine. It will be an awesome thing when every city is suddenly under siege.”

He grinned. “It sure will.”

I turned and headed toward the main hall. It was closing in on 0800. And quick. As walked, I was joined by the others.

I stepped onto the parade grounds, the main hall floor, and stepped into line. My commanders looked at me surprised. “Sir?”

I looked straight ahead, just as I would for inspection. “I expect to be treated as you would a Private. I may be your general, but out there, you must give not sign that I am. Understood?”

They looked at each other. “Yes, Sir!”

I smiled. “Give me a nondescript uniform. One with no stripes or designation. I will be a foot soldier. The only time I will take command is if the whole upper command I have designated for the unit I go with is killed. And God forbid that should happen. I will be taking orders like the rest of you.” A cheer went up from the group.

To be continued in ‘Thirty Days Until Christmas: A Christmas To Remember’ and ‘The New Year’s Victory: The Next Chapter’ as well as ‘A New Day Dawns: An Independence Day Tale’


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